5 Tips To Be Fierce In Warrior II

Registered Yoga Teacher By Gigi Yogini
Registered Yoga Teacher
Gigi Yogini is a E-RYT 500 certified yoga instructor and body positive advocate based in Santa Monica, California.

The Warrior poses were given their name for a reason. They are powerful and activating postures that build strength, balance and stamina. Many beginners in my classes become easily defeated in when practicing Warrior 2. However, I’m quick to remind them that the true essence of yoga begins when you want to give up.

According to Gandhi, we are all warriors on a battlefield of internal conflict. In order to remain calm in this powerful pose, one must practice with precision and unwavering focus. Explore the proper alignment, an inner attitude of victory, and a steady breath to reveal a new sense of freedom in your pose. Then you will embody a peaceful warrior.

Here are 5 Tips to help you be Fierce in Warrior 2:


1. Take a Wide Stance

Step the feet wide enough that when you lift your arms, your wrists are over the ankles. The toes of the front foot face forward and the back foot is sideways at 90 degrees. The front heel is in line with the back arch.

2. The Knee is Over the Ankle

Don’t be afraid to take the feet further apart. If your knee is in front of the ankle, step wider. Track the front knee over the middle toes of the front foot.

3. Move Dynamically to Warm Up

Give yourself permission to ease into the pose to begin. On an inhale, straighten the front leg, and on an exhale, deepen the bend. Do this a few times before you hold the pose.

4. Arms and Front Thigh are Parallel to the Floor

The arms are lifted and straight, with the palms facing down, but the shoulders stay relaxed. Similarly, the front thigh is also parallel to the floor. Try going deeper.

5. Keep Your Torso Over Your Hips

Warrior 2 represents readiness. So if you’re shifting your torso forward in attack mode, or leaning back with defensiveness, work to find alignment of your shoulders over the pelvis. Find a steady breath and gaze forward over your front middle finger.

If this pose is challenging, that’s good. It means you’re doing it right. You might want to quit, but don’t. I promise your arms won’t fall off. Remember that you are cultivating the Warrior Spirit to battle against your negative thoughts which are most often your biggest enemy. Chances are, you’re a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for. So when you want to back out, go deeper.

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