Standing Yoga Poses: How-to, Tips, Benefits, Images, Videos

These energetic poses provide a straight line to shaping our best body. They are also great for strength, balance, and focus.

Downward Dog - Probably the first pose you'll see in class, it opens up the backs of your legs and upper spine. More on Downward Dog Pose >>

Downward Dog Split - Keep your standing leg strong, and upper chest sinking toward the ground. More on Downward Dog Split >>

Low Lunge - Set your feet up so you’re not on a "tightrope" – so at least hip-width from side to side. More on Low Lunge Pose >>

Lizard - From a low lunge, lower your back knee to the ground then bring your forearms to the ground just inside your front foot. More on Lizard Pose >>

Triangle - From a Warrior II, straighten your front leg, and follow your front hand forward then down to your shin or the floor. More on Triangle Pose >>

Extended Side Angle Pose - From a low lunge, roll your back heel to the ground, bring your fingers to the ground inside your front heel... More on Extended Side Angle Pose >>

High Lunge - For easier balance, position your feet at least as wide as your hips, and reach out strongly through your back leg and heel. More on High Lunge Pose >>

Warrior I - This pose is a great upper thigh opener and helps with patience. More on Warrior I Pose >>

Warrior II - Great for leg strength, it's important to keep your body vertical over your hips... More on Warrior II Pose >>

Reverse Warrior - From a Warrior II, lean back over your back leg keeping your body directly open to the side. More on Reverse Warrior Pose >>

Warrior III - From a high lunge, reach your arms straight forward, shift your weight forward... More on Warrior III Pose >>

Half Moon - Opens hips, builds focus. Balance by stacking your weight vertical from hip to knee to standing heel... More on Half Moon Pose >>

Revolved Half Moon - Tones the backs of your thighs. Good for balance and circulation. More on Revolved Half Moon Pose >>

Bound Half Moon - A great pose to help your balance, focus, and circulation. For better balance, keep your standing leg... More on Bound Half Moon Pose >>

Standing Split - From standing, shift your weight to one foot, bring your fingers to the ground and lift your other leg up behind you. More on Standing Split >>

Tree - Balance by keeping an active standing leg, and stacking your skeleton vertical from heel to knee to hip... More on Tree Pose >>

Eagle - Balance is easier if you squeeze the back of your top thigh into the top of your standing thigh...  More on Eagle Pose >>

Chair - Stand with your feet together, and sink your hips as your reach your arms up alongside your ears. More on Chair Pose >>

Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe - While balancing on one leg, hold the big toe of your lifted foot, open your hip, and gradually extend your leg out to the side. More on Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe-Pose >>

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