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Yoga Teachers: How to Write a Kickass Bio

Silvia Mordini
Written by Silvia Mordini

Smart, authentic bios are essential for any yoga teacher. These are used on your personal postcards, flyers and website. The studios or gyms you teach at also may ask for your bio to include on their website. I understand for many of us that it’s not easy to write about oneself. And, do you write in first person or third person? What do you include, and how much is too much?

Remember that often all a student has in order to decide whether or not they want to take your class is your personal story, your biography. It is important that you feel empowered in how you tell that story.

Try taking these steps in writing your best biography. Most of all, honor yourself in what you write. And by doing so, you honor and elevate the profession of yoga!


  • Write out your personal mission statement
  • Write out your teaching intention
  • Write out your vision
  • Write out what yoga means to you


  • If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?
  • If others described you in three words, what would those be? Ask a couple friends, and find out if this is an accurate portrayal.
  • What would a Yelp review of your personality say about you?
  • If someone followed you around with a video camera all day, what would the reality TV show about your life be called?
  • Your life has a soundtrack; what is the name of your theme song?


  • Write out ten things that make you a great person.
  • Write a list of five things you are passionate about.
  • Write a list of three things you are most embarrassed about and the expert lessons you’ve learned from them.
  • Write out how yoga came into your life. What was your first class like for you? What brought you back to a second class?


  • Does how you teach meet expectations of what you say about yourself in your bio? Please don’t falsely advertise one thing and deliver another. It’s not fair to your clients.
  • What kind of students would you recommend taking your class? Does your bio speak to them?
  • What style of yoga do you teach? Be honest; just spell it out.


The best teachers remain lifelong students. Honor your teachers in your bio, those that have taught you through ease or challenge the lessons for you to now be a teacher too. Model politeness and respect, and your students will do the same for you. Karma keeps us real. And remember, teaching yoga is not a game of solitaire. You are there only because your students show up as you showed up for your teachers. Give good, get good back.

Now take the input from these five steps and write out three different biographies for yourself.

  • Short 50 word biography
  • First person biography 250 words
  • Third person biography 250 words

Some tips in finalizing your biographies:

  • Read them aloud to yourself.
  • Stand up and read them to a friend.
  • Have a friend read them aloud to you.
  • Make any necessary edits; every word counts!
  • And remember, as you evolve as a teacher, so should your bio. Make a point to revisit it annually.

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