Pros & Cons of Yoga: Why The Pros Always Outweigh The Cons

Written by mindbodygreen

Yoga has become pretty popular. It seems as if every celebrity does yoga and people usually have a very strong positive or negative attitude towards doing yoga. If you've been thinking about trying it but aren't sure if it is right for you, let's weigh the pros and cons.


1. Yoga is a great stress reliever and helps reduce anxiety. I suffer from anxiety and I guarantee everyone stresses out from time to time. I notice that I feel calmer, more composed and happier when I do yoga regularly. Between the deep breathing, flow of new postures, positive affirmations, even when the class feels difficult, I guarantee you will feel better once class is over.

2. Yoga is a great workout. Even if you aren't engaging in "hot yoga" and sweating your brains out, yoga is still a fantastic way to exercise and lose weight. You improve your flexibility, stamina, strength and tone your muscles.

3. Yoga improves your brain power. Yoga and meditation are great for your mind. It improves your memory, helps you focus, challenges your inner strength and increases the blood flow to your brain. A workout that actually helps you become smarter? Sign me up!

4. Yoga is a great detox for your body. Yoga is the only exercise that massages your internal organs and helps rid the toxins out of your body.


1. Price of joining a yoga studio. Yoga can be expensive! A great tip is to sign up for local coupon deals that come to your email inbox. I once found a Living Social deal for $25 for 25 classes at a local yoga studio. Also, if you really can't afford to take a class, buy a yoga DVD or look for free yoga on Youtube.

2. That newbie feeling. Starting yoga from scratch in a class full of people who know what they're doing can be intimidating. Even though that feeling is enough for some people to skip the class altogether, resist the urge. Start with the beginner class and remember that most of the people feel the same way you do. Also remember that the great thing about yoga is that it isn't a competition and you can do most of the poses with your eyes closed!

3. It can be hard to find the right fit. Now there are countless yoga studios and classes in most areas. There are countless teachers in those studios. Not every class or teacher will be the right fit for you. It can be discouraging to take classes and find that you don't enjoy their specific type of teaching. Don't give up though, keep researching and trying different teachers or studios until you find one that you feel comfortable in and that you love.

4. It can be hard to add something else into your busy schedule. It can be difficult to add in a yoga class if you have a busy lifestyle. Think of it as a workout and a relaxation session all-in-one that will help you conquer the rest of your day. Find a time that works best for you and schedule it the same way you would an appointment.

There are pros and cons to everything, but I definitely recommend you trying yoga. Even if you give it a chance and find that it isn't the right exercise for you, at least you gave it a fighting chance. I hope yoga helps you calm your mind, tone your body and gives you a great new hobby.

Tell me all about your yoga journey whether you are a beginner, want to try it soon, or have been a yogi for years!

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