A Short Yoga Sequence That Will Give You More Energy Than A Cup Of Coffee

Photo: @lauren_bongiorno

Whether you're prone to that 3 p.m. crash that makes you reach for a cup of coffee and a snack (guilty as charged) or you just want to have more energy overall, there's a yoga flow for that.

Carefully crafted by yogi and health coach Lauren Bongiorno, a type 1 diabetic who has a lot of experience with low energy levels, this five-step flow is exactly what you need when you're craving extra vibrancy. "This sequence wakes up the entire body by combining yummy opening poses for the arms, heart, back, and hip flexors," Lauren explains. "There are also a few balancing poses in this flow, which require focus and concentration, waking up not only the body but also the mind."

Check out Lauren's flow below.

1. Shoulder opener.

Photo: mbg creative

2. Forward fold.

Photo: mbg creative

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3. Warrior 3.

Photo: mbg creative

4. Low lunge.

Photo: mbg creative

5. Dancer pose.

Photo: mbg creative

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