A 4-Step Sequence To Nailing Headstand — Without Hurting Yourself

When done right, headstand is extremely beneficial for the body. Spending a minute or two on your head increases blood flow to the brain, delivering oxygen and extra nutrients. Who doesn't want that?

But as you've probably heard your yoga teachers say, you have to be careful with headstand. When done incorrectly or even in a rushed state of mind, it can be one of the more dangerous poses—mostly because it puts a heavy load on the neck, leading to injuries in both the neck and spine.

Below, SKY TING yoga's Chloe Kernaghan demonstrates how to do a headstand correctly in four simple steps.

Step 1: Bring your elbows underneath your shoulders, interlace your fingers, and ground your forearms.

Step 2: Come up to downward-facing dog on your head.

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Step 3: Bring your knees into your chest.

Step 4: Extend your legs up to the ceiling.

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