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Amelia Boone On Trail Running, Salt Baths, And #Wellth

Jason Wachob
mbg Founder & Co-CEO By Jason Wachob
mbg Founder & Co-CEO
Jason Wachob is the Founder and Co-CEO of mindbodygreen and the author of Wellth.
Amelia Boone On Trail Running, Salt Baths, And #Wellth
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I’ve spent the past year thinking a lot about “wellth” — the idea that success is found in a lifestyle devoted to mental, physical, and emotional health. (I even wrote a book about it.) In this new series, we’re celebrating visionaries who embody what it means to be wellthy. 

Amelia Boone is the toughest corporate lawyer you'll ever meet! She's won the World's Toughest Mudder title three times and is a Spartan Race World Champion. Amelia spoke at our 2015 revitalize event about how she does it all!

mbg: Favorite fruit?

AB: Lemons.


Favorite healthy place to eat?

The salad bar at Whole Foods.

What's your favorite way or place to escape to get some nature?

Getting lost for hours on a trail run in the mountains.

What's your favorite way to break a sweat?

See above.

What's your favorite holistic treatment?


How do you de-stress or practice self-care?

I love long Epsom salt baths in the evenings.

What does wellth mean to you?

Living the life that you want, not what you think you SHOULD want.

Any advice for someone who's looking to build a life that they love and follow their passion?

Constantly seek new challenges. Be open to new opportunities. You never know when one will change your life.

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