How I Found Yoga

The old saying, "What you need comes to you when you need it..." clearly sums up my coming to yoga and having it become a mainstay in my life. From the beginning, I went to the right schools, excelled at my studies, entered into an excellent career and moved up in the corporate mad-cap world of marketing and PR. Then, like many New Yorkers, the events of 9/11 hit me to my core. That horrific day and the days that followed, I began to continually question my role in this Universe (yes, this might seem grandiose, but you get it), what my purpose was on this Earth, and how I could live more happily and completely because at that time it didn't seem like we'd be around for much longer.

Backing up a bit. My yoga practice began in 1996. I moved to New York after years in Washington, DC -- leaving a nice apartment and a nice man to move to the East Village and live with an old friend. My life changed dramatically. At that time the only way I found to quell the anxiety of such a big move was yoga. I galloped around New York finding homes in different studios, each one different and adding to my journey: at Jivamukti, I felt I was a yoga purist and was determined to be vegetarian; at Integral Yoga, I found pure joy and peace in my practice; at Dharma Mittra's it felt like a little slice of India and the real deal, plus I loved studying at the foot of a master. This went on and became a staple of my existence.

Back to 9/11. That day, everything shifted. Yoga went from being my grounding activity to my savior as I became unemployed. Who me, unemployed? But why not me? And then other big events took place that shake us deeply: loss of a parent, illness, and somehow I keep crawling back to yoga. I started spending all my time (after job hunting, of course) at the Interfaith League -- a Hare Krishna Center on the Lower East Side. There, if you could prove you were unemployed, yoga was free. Guess what: new yoga home! But there the deep work of yoga as a transformational tool began. Practicing deep meditation and really listening to those callings in my soul after 2 hours of asana and pranayama -- that's when the profound change occurred. And the more I worked from a deeper level in the practice is when the stuck became the unstuck and the deep longings became actionable, "put-in-place" desires.  

I credit yoga for allowing me to open to my true self. As I say to my students, yoga opens us to the possibilities and the possibilities become transformations. In 2004 I did my first of 2 teacher trainings, and in 2007 I left a major and lucrative corporate job to follow this path. Today I teach yoga and run my own wellness marketing agency. None of this would have happened without the practice. 

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