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6-Minute Tabata Workout That Gets Results

Dave Smith
Written by Dave Smith

Why don’t you exercise more often? When people are asked this question, the same reason seems to come up over and over: “I just don’t have time.” And this likely feels very true — chances are your schedule is jam-packed most days.

But, you don’t need much time to squeeze an effective workout into your daily routine. Maybe you saw our four-minute workout or this two-exercise full-body routine that are intended specifically for people who are too busy to exercise? Both were based on the inspiring #wycwyc (pronounced ‘wik-wik’) hashtag that stands for “what you can, when you can.” #wycwyc is our reminder that every little bit of exercise counts, even if it’s in your living room and even if it lasts just a few minutes!

Here’s another workout for you to try. This one is based on the tabata-training principle that uses quick, high-intensity bursts of exercise to get you great results in less time. Here is a quick outline of the workout, and a video tutorial on how to do it. All you need is a watch or a clock!

Perform each exercise for 20 seconds, then take a 10-second break before moving on to the next exercise. Perform each tabata three times (three minutes each).

Tabata 1:

Fast-paced squats (or squat jumps)

Heel touches

Tabata 2:

Alternating lunges (or jumping lunges)

Extended plank

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