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A 12-Minute Playlist For A Quick HIIT Workout

Krista Stryker, NSCA-CPT
Certified Personal Trainer By Krista Stryker, NSCA-CPT
Certified Personal Trainer
Krista Stryker, NSCA-CPT is the author of The 12-Minute Athlete: Get Fitter, Faster, and Stronger Using HIIT and Your Bodyweight and a leading expert on HIIT and bodyweight fitness. She lives in Venice, California, and is a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

There’s no question about it: Music is an essential part of any workout. The right mix can get you feeling pumped up and ready to crush every personal record you’ve ever gotten, while the wrong song can seriously dampen your mood (and motivation). And there’s no more important time to be picky about your playlist than during a short, sweaty HIIT workout.

This short, approximately 12-minute-long playlist will keep you feeling energized and ready to work your hardest even during all those burpees and moments when pushing through that last rep is the last thing you feel like doing. Feel the beat and get moving:

1. Lean On (featuring MO and DJ Snake) - Major Lazer

2. Out The Speakers - A-Trak

3. Pro Nails - Kid Sister

4. Vigiland - UFO

Need a workout to try along with this playlist? Try one of these short, effective HIIT workouts and get fit in 12 minutes flat:

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Get Fit In 12 Minutes With Your Body Weight & A Jump Rope

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