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A 10-Move Workout You Can Do In 10 Minutes (Video)

Laura McDonald
Written by Laura McDonald

Here’s a great, effective and quick full-body routine you can do anywhere! No equipment or gym required, just a mat for comfort. Make sure to check with your doctor before beginning any new fitness routine, stay hydrated and always listen to your body.

10 x 10 Routine

Warm up for several minutes by jogging in place. Always take a break to stretch or rest when needed. The entire sequence takes about three to five minutes and you can do several rounds for an excellent workout:

  • 10 jumping jacks
  • 10 squats
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 alternating lunges
  • Hold plank position and perform 10 alternating leg swing toe taps.
  • 10 hop squats
  • 10 triceps dips
  • 10 down dog to up-sways
  • 10 bicycle abs
  • 10 alternating leg-drops

Take a break for a few minutes, stretch and hydrate and then repeat the sequence a few more times.

10 X 10 Workout from Laura McDonald on Vimeo.

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