Yoga Or Pilates: Which Is Right For You? (Infographic)

Written by mindbodygreen

Between the abundance of yoga and pilates classes abound, are you still left wondering just which practice is best suited for you?

With every body being unique and our limitless taste preferences tailored to each individual, let's face it — no one thing is best for anyone. Despite the myriad health benefits for each, it is always best to listen to the needs of your own body and mind, and decide whether or not it's yoga or pilates for YOU.

Tasha Leu, the fitness writer and owner of stand-up paddleboarding company Liquid Lifestyle in Vancouver, produced this infographic that helps break it down for us. "It was fascinating to learn about the history of both practices and the subtle differences between the two," she writes.

So what's it gonna be — yoga or pilates? Let us know in the comments below!

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