11 Variations That Will Make You Love Burpees (Video Tutorials)

Shauna Harrison, Ph.D., was teaching movement as a side gig while she attended Stanford, UCLA, and Johns Hopkins. Twenty years, 3 graduate degrees, and multiple brand partnerships later, she is now a full-time movement advocate. Check out her new mindbodygreen class, The 20 Minute Workout Challenge: Tone Your Whole Body With Yoga, HIIT & More.  

Oh, burpees. It’s no secret that many people either love to hate them or just actually hate them. I used to think that I fell in the “love to hate them” camp ... that is, until I realized that I actually love to love them!

Excuse me while I burpee swoon. Seriously. I actually love them. How? Why? I mean aside from the fact that we know they provide a super portable and effective (kick ass!) workout, there are a multitude of ways you can change them up. I mean the burpee possibilities are endless, really.

You can make them more strength-based, more cardio-based, more plyos, more core, more anything you can imagine. My heart races and melts at the same time. Swoon so hard!

Let’s look at the basic burpee:

It’s awesome, no?

Now, I don’t like to play favorites with burpees, but here are 11 burpees that I do love a little extra.

1. The Single Leg Burpee

Everything you love about the regular burpee, but on one leg!

2. The Wide Squat Burpee

My yoga classes love this one. Burpees in yoga? You better believe it.

3. The Lateral Burpee

Your legs plank sideways instead of back.

4. The Slalom Hop Burpee

Ski prep anyone?

5. The Decline Burpee

This is one of those “harder than it looks” variations. You’re welcome.

6. The Boxing Burpee

A little one, two punch.

7. The Deadlift Burpee

Work these into your strength routine for an extra cardio kick.

8. The Squat 180 Burpee

Don't worry! It means 180 degree squats, not doing 180 squats!

9. The Suicide Burpee

A suicide sprint into a burpee.

10. The Plank Up Down Burpee

A classic core exercise in burpee formation.

11. The Superman Kick Through Burpee

Go ahead and swear at me for this one. I kind of like it.

For more burpee fun, check out my free monthly #SweatADay challenges on Instagram with @UnderArmour & @UnderArmourWomen. Guaranteed there will be at least one burpee per month. At least.

Shauna Harrison
Shauna Harrison
Shauna Harrison, Ph.D., is a self-proclaimed nerd, hip-hop head, jock, and yogi. Teaching fitness...
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Shauna Harrison
Shauna Harrison
Shauna Harrison, Ph.D., is a self-proclaimed nerd, hip-hop head, jock,...
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