Reclining Knee to Chest Pose: How-to, Tips, Benefits

This is a simple, easy start for releasing tension in your hips and back. We all hold strength and stress a bit differently on each side of our body, so expect to feel a little different from left to right, and just give your body time to release as needed.

How-to: Lie down on your back, arms and legs straight. Lift one knee into your chest. Hold the shin with both hands, or hook your elbow over the shin to provide some weight and help the knee release closer to your chest.

Tips: Use the weight of your arms and exhales to relax your knee closer to your chest, rather than muscular effort. Your extended leg can be straight, or slightly bent at the knee, toes up. For a slightly different opening in the hips, allow your bent knee to drop outside your body, rather than directly toward your shoulder.

Benefits: Release the hips and lower back.

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