Reclining Half Ankle to Knee Pose: How-to, Tips, Benefits

Tension in your hips and lower back go together. This one helps with both. Remember there's no need to force anything, just go easy with your breath and your body will open up in its own time.

How-to: Lie down on your back, feet planted behind your hips, knees up. Lift one knee close to your chest and open your hip, placing ankle on your opposite thigh just above the knee. Lifting your foot off the ground, reach your arms forward to hold your shin, and draw your knee gently toward your chest.

Tips: To protect your knees, keep your feet flexed by reaching out through your heels and drawing the toes gently back toward you. Use the weight of your arms and deep exhales to release your legs closer to your chest and open your hips.

Benefits: Opens the hips and releases the lower back.