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I'm A Memory Coach: How I Hack My Sleep Routine To Boost My Cognition

It's all about creating a signal for your body to produce melatonin.

#sleep #The Wind Down #brain
Jim Kwik
January 3

How A Neuropsychologist Overcame Years Of Sleep Issues Naturally

Here's her new nightly routine.

#The Wind Down #sleep
Kendal Maxwell, Ph.D.
December 27 2023

How A Functional Medicine Doctor Clears Her (Very Busy) Mind Before Bed

This old-fashioned tool gets her in the right head space for sleep.

#The Wind Down #sleep
Gabrielle Lyon, D.O.
November 29 2023

How To Deepen Your Sleep With Light, From The Psychiatrist Who Coined SAD

Plus, how keeping a dream journal has transformed his sleep (and waking life).

#The Wind Down #sleep #stress #mantras
Norman E. Rosenthal, M.D.
November 15 2023

The Ultimate Ayurveda Hack For Better Sleep (That Takes 10 Seconds)

How an Ayurvedic practitioner prepares her body and mind for bed.

#sleep #The Wind Down
Shivani Gupta, PhD
October 26 2023

How I'm Cutting Down On My Nightly Screentime For The Sake Of Deep Sleep

An integrative optometrist lets us in on her sleep routine.

#The Wind Down #sleep
Marina Gurvich, OD
October 11 2023

How A Doctor Calms Down His Nervous System Every Night For Deep Sleep

How Mark Atkinson gets his nervous system to a calm place each night.

#sleep #The Wind Down #brain
Mark Atkinson, MBBS, FRSPH
September 27 2023

How Taking "Microbreaks" Throughout The Day Can Transform Your Sleep

Somatic practitioner Ashley Neese sees rest as a bridge to sleep.

#sleep #The Wind Down
Ashley Neese
September 14 2023

I'm A Neurophysiologist & This Is My #1 Sleep Performance Hack

Plus, what's in my sleep supplement stack.

#The Wind Down #brain #sleep
Louisa Nicola
September 6 2023

How A Busy CEO Sets Boundaries On Work So It Doesn't Ruin His Sleep

How the Thrive Market founder winds down.

#sleep #The Wind Down
Nick Green
August 30 2023

I'm A Genetics Professor: Here's How I Ensure Deep Sleep Every Night

Certain genetic factors can play into sleep quality and duration.

#The Wind Down #sleep

5 Expert-Backed Ways To Sleep Deeper Tonight & Every Night

Some nuggets from mbg's sleep series, The Wind Down.

#sleep #The Wind Down
Emma Loewe
August 16 2023

How A Dermatologist Winds Down For Bed + Her Sunday Wash Routine

How Jenna Lester, M.D., winds down.

#hair #sleep #stress #The Wind Down
Jenna Lester, MD
August 16 2023

A Lack Of Sleep Was Causing Me To Age Faster: How I Got Back On Track

An endocrinologist and precision medicine specialist shares her sleep routine.

#The Wind Down #sleep #Blood Sugar #longevity
Florence Comite, MD
August 9 2023

This Sleep Routine Helps Me Wake Up At 4:45 a.m. (Sans Alarm) Feeling Rested

How a functional dentist winds down.

#sleep #The Wind Down #Oral health
Meghna Dassani, DMD
August 2 2023

I'm A Derm & Psychiatrist: Peep My Cortisol-Lowering Sleep Routine

Plus my nightly skin care ritual.

#sleep #The Wind Down
Amy Wechsler, M.D.
July 19 2023

I'm An RD & This Is When I Eat Dinner To Ensure A+ Sleep

Moving up my dinnertime has made a huge difference.

#sleep #The Wind Down

The Secret To Sleeping Deeply While Traveling (From Someone Always On The Road)

Here's how to take your healthy sleep habits on the road.

#sleep #The Wind Down
Sara Quiriconi
July 5 2023

The Sleep Routine That Helps Me Spend Up To 25% Of The Night In REM Sleep

Plus, the PEMF mat that totally transformed my snooze.

#The Wind Down #sleep #technology

How A Productivity Coach & Metacognition Expert Sets Herself Up For A+ Sleep

She keeps things flexible for when life gets hectic.

#The Wind Down #sleep #technology
Akhila Satish
June 21 2023