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6 Beauty Products That Pack Major Wellness Cred

If you haven't noticed, mainstream beauty has been getting a bit of a makeover. Or should we say, a make-"under."

April 12

It's Time To Clean Out Your Supplement Cabinet. Here's Why

What you need to know about supplement expiration dates, including why they're not required, what they mean for potency, and how you should store your...

The Body Part You Never Knew Your Should Be Putting Your Serum On

What products you should be using on your lips, including serum, SPF, and a moisturizer.

What Are Nootropics? Your Guide To The Best Brain-Boosting Nutrients

Your guide to nootropics, including caffeine, adaptogens, and pharmaceutical options like Modafinil and Adderall.

3 Ways To Use Magnesium That You Haven't Heard Of Before

The best ways to take magnesium, including as an Epsom salt bath, IV, and topical oil.


Prebiotics, Postbiotics, Probiotics … What's The Difference & Do I Need All 3?

As science dives deeper into this strange and wonderful bacterial world within the human body, we're finding that the role it plays in our mental,...

March 28

Is Your Multivitamin Fermented? Here's Why That Actually Matters

The Unexpected Thing That Makes Supplements So Much More Effective

March 26

3 Ways To Use Topical CBD To Solve Your Change-Of-Season Woes

Here's how to use topical CBD to solve all of your change-of-season woes, including dry skin, sunburns, and itchy eyes.

How To Biohack Your Hormones For A Better Mood & Sex Drive

How to biohack your hormones for a better mood and sex drive, including boosting your fiber intake and taking maca.

Seasonal Allergies Are The Worst. Here's What You Need To Know For An Easier Spring

Your guide to seasonal allergies, including common symptoms, their underlying causes, and how to treat them naturally.


How To Really Reap All The Benefits Of Curcumin? Here's Everything We Know

Curious About Curcumin? How To Get The Biggest Body Benefits From Turmeric's Super Ingredient

March 19

The One Supplement I Always Take For My Immune System In The Winter

Why mushrooms are my go-to winter supplement, including their immune-and mood-boosting properties.

5 Science-Backed Herbs That Really Do Their Job

Science-backed herbs that really do their job, including ginger, dandelion, and lemon balm.

Anyone Else Having Crazy Dreams When They Detox?

Why some people have crazy dreams when they detox, including microbiome and blood sugar changes.

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How Many Live Cultures Do I Really Need In My Daily Probiotic?

900 million, 50 billion, 100 billion? Let's find out!

February 25

I Got A Hemp Oil Massage & I'll Definitely Be Back

The benefits of a topical hemp oil massage, including reducing muscle and joint soreness.

Can You Get Addicted To Fiber Supplements? A Doctor Weighs In

What you need to know about taking fiber supplements, including whether or not you should be taking them long term.

Bindiya Gandhi, M.D.
February 20