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Sleep Suffer On The Weekends? 5 Ways To Avoid "Social Jet Lag"

Here's how to avoid social jet lag—without totally ruining your social life.

Emma Loewe
a day ago

The 3 Supplements This Celebrity Nutritionist Never Leaves Home Without

These three key supplements create a strong foundation for rock-star health.*

Want To Sleep Better? Make More Time For This Enjoyable Activity

New research on half a million people shows that it's seriously helpful.

Emma Loewe
5 days ago

Uh, Does The Moon Actually Mess With Sleep? Research Provides A New Clue

Whether the moon actually affects our quality of sleep has long been up for debate.

Sarah Regan
September 17

Back-To-School, Back To Sleep: 4 Tips To Help Your Kids Get More Rest

Back-to-school time is hectic enough; check out these tips to help your kids (and you) stay rested.

Devon Barrow
September 15

Can't Sleep? 9 Potential Reasons Why—Plus What You Can Do About It

Why exactly do we struggle to fall asleep, sometimes even when we're tired?

Sarah Regan
August 30