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Trouble Sleeping? How Pink Noise Can Help Get You Some R&R Tonight

As more people turn to noise machines for sleep and relaxation, many are choosing something called "pink noise."

Kirsten Nunez, M.S.
February 25
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The Best In-Bed Stretches For Wakeful Winter Mornings

Can't get out of bed? Try doing one, two, or all four stretches tomorrow morning!

Krista Soriano
February 21

From Anxiety To Skin, Here Are 5 Health Benefits Of A Weighted Blanket

Here, learn about five reasons people are getting cozy with weighted blankets.

Kirsten Nunez, M.S.
February 20

How This MD Gets Radiant & Youthful Skin (Yes, You Can Too)

If there's anyone who can convince you that beauty radiates from the inside out, let it be Ellen Vora, M.D.

Alexandra Engler
February 16

Research Finds The Scent Of A Loved One Could Help Improve Sleep

Scent is a powerful yet underappreciated sense that the human can experience.

Christina Coughlin
February 16

How To Use White Noise For Babies: 5 Things You Need To Know

Getting a baby to bed on any given night can be a challenge, but this tool can help.

Korin Miller
February 12

Here's Why Tina Fey Prioritizes Sleep + The Key To Her Bedtime Routine

The queen of comedy has opened up about the importance of sleep in her featured talk during Oprah's 2020 Vision Tour.

Christina Coughlin
February 5

Groggy In The Morning? Researchers Find This Little Change May Help

If you've ever set an obnoxious-alarm, thinking it would help you wake up faster, think again.

Sarah Regan
February 3

The One Room This Feng Shui Expert Doesn't Want You Working Out In

We checked in with a feng shui expert about how our home workouts may be affecting our space.

Eliza Sullivan
January 21