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Why This MD Wants You To Stop Taking Melatonin (& What To Do Instead)

For higher-quality, more consistent sleep, melatonin isn't your best bet.

Sarah Regan
January 14

This Easy Trick Will Make Your Vision Board Work 10x More Effectively

Your vision board is much more than an aesthetically pleasing item.

Hannah Frye
January 10

A Top Derm On Skin Cycling, Retinol & Her Fave Vitamin C Serum

Whitney Bowe, M.D., has always been ahead of the curve. And so for 2023, we're checking in on what she's into as of late—from skin cycling to retinol.

Alexandra Engler
January 3

This Supplement Increased My Nightly REM Sleep By Over 400%

My average time spent in REM sleep went from 4% to 19% of the night.

Carleigh Ferrante
January 3

I Thought Nothing Could Get Me To Fall Asleep — Until I Tried This*

For as long as I can remember, I've had trouble falling asleep.

Izzy Mattoon
December 31 2022

These Mattresses Will Save You Space & Money — But They Don't Cut Corners On Comfort

Because saving space doesn't have to mean sacrificing comfort.

Remi Rosmarin
December 31 2022

One Simple & Impactful Swap To Make Your Bedroom More Environmentally Friendly

Better sleep for you, better health for the environment.

Quiana Darden
December 29 2022

I Was Stressed All The Time — Until I Made These Changes To My Sleep Routine

When I feel better, I sleep better. When I sleep better, I feel better.

Zee Clarke
December 28 2022