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Coffee Can't Actually Make Up For Poor Sleep & This Study Proves It

How many of us have reached for that large coffee after a night of poor sleep?

Sarah Regan
May 29 2021

Signs Your Melatonin Isn't Actually Working For You & What To Try Instead

Most people find once they've taken melatonin for a while, it loses its effect.

Sarah Regan
May 27 2021

Is It Possible To Build A Tolerance To Your Magnesium Supplement?

When we don't have enough magnesium, it can cause some nasty side effects.

Sarah Regan
May 9 2021

Always Have Trouble Sleeping In? 5 Things That Can Stand In The Way

Let's be honest—sometimes we could all use a morning of sleeping in.

Sarah Regan
May 2 2021

This Underrated Sleep Stage Is Essential For Waking Up Rested

Every night when we first start nodding off, we enter stage 1 sleep.

Sarah Regan
April 30 2021

Is It Normal To Toss & Turn In Your Sleep? We Asked A Specialist

Most of us move around in our sleep, but some may toss and turn excessively.

Sarah Regan
April 28 2021

Are Dark Circles Different For Men? Here's How To Get Rid Of The Shadows

They afflict everyone, sigh, but men, in particular, may have a skewed plan of action.

Jamie Schneider
April 27 2021