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The Go-To Powder Trick This Makeup Artist Loves For Airbrushed-Looking Skin

A quick hack that makes your setting powder look so pillowy, it's practically airbrushed. Promise.

Jamie Schneider
December 16 2020

Floating Eyeliner Is *The* Holiday Look Of 2020: A Makeup Artist's 6-Step Guide

It looks sophisticated and intricate, but it's not so tricky to master.

Jamie Schneider
December 15 2020

Butchered Your Cat Eye? Makeup Artists On How To Revive A Razor-Sharp Wing

No need to start over on a blank canvas—just lean on these tips to revive the wing back to razor-sharp.

Jamie Schneider
December 11 2020

Applying Eye Makeup Last + 4 More Common Makeup Mistakes

Each time you commit these five common blunders, a makeup artist very well shudders into their cosmetic bag.

Jamie Schneider
December 9 2020

3 Tricks For A Fuller Pout That Work On Every Lip Shape & Size

If you're looking to plump your pout for the time being, these no-fuss tips have you covered.

Jamie Schneider
December 8 2020

How To Grow Eyelashes: 6 Science-Backed Ways For Bambi-Like Flutters

Science-backed, dermatologist-approved ways to put in the work.

Jamie Schneider
December 8 2020

The Go-To Trick This Makeup Artist Swears By For Flattering Every Eye Shape

This might just be the easiest makeup tip in the books.

Jamie Schneider
November 30 2020

The 7 Natural Makeup Tips Women Need In Their 50s & Beyond

We uncovered the best techniques to highlight your features (and avoid common mistakes) from three seasoned makeup artists.

Jamie Schneider
October 28 2020