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These Makeup Artist Tips Will Make Brown Eyes Absolutely Shine

If you've got baby browns, these makeup tips are designed to make your eyes the center of attention.

The Only Guide You Need To Apply Fake Freckles & Make Them Look 100% Natural

Whether you want to enhance your own set or you don't have a natural spot in sight.

Which Shade Of Blush Looks Best On You? Here's How To Find Out

A few components can help you select the best hue.

Jamie Schneider
April 21

Conscious Beauty Dictionary

We're breaking down the five core beauty pillars every consumer should have on their radar to feel confident in their next beauty purchase!

Devon Barrow
April 11

These Shimmer Oils Were My Best Kept Secret — Now They're Yours Too

For a few weeks now, these little shimmer numbers have been my secret to glowing, fresh-looking skin. What are they? You'll have to try to believe.

Alexandra Engler
March 23