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How To Tell If You Have Hooded Eyes & 9 Makeup Tips To Make Them Pop

This is how makeup artists enhance a hooded eye shape.

Jamie Schneider
an hour ago

How To Sync Your Makeup Routine & Your Period (In Case You're Curious)

We tapped experts for their thoughts (and go-to product swaps).

Jamie Schneider
4 days ago

This One Oft-Overlooked Area Can Experience Sneaky Sun Damage

You diligently apply (and reapply) your sunscreen—but how often do you protect this area?

Jamie Schneider
5 days ago

This Can Help You Nail Pillowy, Even Makeup (Nope, Not Setting Spray)

Did we mention it fits innocently in the palm of your hand?

Jamie Schneider
July 14

Are Your Makeup Brushes Frayed & Spiky? This Trick Can Help Them Stay Soft

Are you over-washing your brushes, or is the tool simply past its prime?

Jamie Schneider
June 29

These 9 All-Star Mascaras Won't Irritate Sensitive Eyes

So what are you to do if your eyes don't agree with mascara—but you personally love it? Bookmark this page.

This Easy "Veiling" Technique Can Make Your Skin Look Like Silk

A few makeup tricks can fashion a soft, airy film across your skin and emulate a smooth, even appearance. Almost like...a veil?

Jamie Schneider
June 16

Hot Take? Not All Eyelash Curlers Are Created Equal: These Are The Best

You don't want to clamp your lashes through any ol' metal trap.

Jamie Schneider
June 11

The Unexpected Makeup Trick That Will Keep Concealer From Creasing

While concealer does a lot of wonderful things, it's not always great at staying in place.

The Effortless Makeup Artist Tips To Get Dewy Skin, For Every Skin Type

No matter whether you're oily or dry, you can achieve the perfect amount of shine.