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My Makeup Routine Would Not Be The Same Without This Creamy Concealer

It's the one concealer I always come back to for a dewy, even base.

Jamie Schneider
3 days ago

The "Clean Girl Aesthetic" Aces Simple Makeup — But You Need To Know Its Origin

We like to approach beauty from a place of inclusion around here.

Jamie Schneider
6 days ago

The One Mistake This Celeb Makeup Artists Wants You To Stop Making ASAP

Tune in to get Delina Medhin's genius makeup tips (like how to use your look to tell a story), as well as some solid career advice.

Ever "Cooked" Your Concealer? You Probably Learned How From A Drag Queen

Another beauty trend we can credit to the drag community.

Jamie Schneider
June 20

7 Of The Very Best Tips For Wearing Concealer Without Any Other Makeup

Because in the summertime, wearing full glam can be a bit of a chore.

Hannah Frye
June 9

Summer Has Arrived & This Quiz Will Get Your Skin Glowing

Take this quiz to find out your Summer Beauty Profile.

Devon Barrow
June 8

A 1-Second Trick To Identify Your Signature Feature (Because Everybody Has One)

Social media has an obsession with self-identification. But sometimes, finding what you love about you is very simple.