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The Oh-So Easy Eyeliner Hack Drew Barrymore Loves For Widening Eyes

Have you ever woken up with just one orb hanging low?

Jamie Schneider
April 18 2021

8 Core Beauty Truths We Believe In About Clean & Conscious Beauty

Here at mindbodygreen beauty, we've always believed beauty can be a powerful tool to fuel your connection to yourself and others.

Alexandra Engler
April 18 2021

The Surprising Way To Apply Blush Based On Your Face Shape

"Where you decide to place your blush can change the look of your face."

Jamie Schneider
April 16 2021

The Surprising Concealer Hack Lucy Hale Swears By To Make Pimples Vanish

It's so simple that you just might overlook its A+ blurring power.

Jamie Schneider
April 15 2021

This Makeup Trick Uses A Surprising Product For "Bigger Lips"

For any makeup fan, you know how important it is to add dimension to your look.

Alexandra Engler
March 31 2021

The Surprising Way To Conceal Acne Scars Without Looking Caky

Given their pitted nature, concealing indented acne scars is a bit tricky.

Jamie Schneider
March 26 2021

The Surprising Way You Can Make A Brow Pomade & Gel For The Fluffiest Brows

You don't have to try product after product to find your match. You can do it right at home.

The Surprising Way You Should Apply Concealer To Fill Out Fine Lines

It takes a great deal of precision to cover up those tiny folds without coating on layers of product, which is no easy gig.

Jamie Schneider
March 13 2021

This Surprising Cream Blush Hack That'll Guarantee The Perfect Glow

Not only does it work in a pinch, but it's easy to customize it to your perfect shade.

Jamie Schneider
March 10 2021