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I Have Sparse, Fine Brows: This Is The *Only* Product That Helps Them Look Full

If, like me, you have superfine brows, you may want to rethink your eyebrow products.

Jamie Schneider
September 8 2021

Dealing With Midday Oil & Shine? These 6 Pro-Approved Products Will Help

For many people, humidity means too much unwanted shine. And lots of it.

Alexandra Engler
September 8 2021

This Surprising Makeup Hack Can Lift & Brighten Your Face (Without Concealer!)

Allow us to introduce you to concealer's recent competition

Jamie Schneider
September 3 2021

The Surprising Spot On Your Face To Enhance With These 7 Makeup Tricks

Tips for all types of cupid's bows—prominent, round, or somewhere in between.

Jamie Schneider
August 19 2021

5 Surefire Tips To Nail Dewy Makeup When Your Face Is Flaky & Peeling

For an immaculate face beat, nary a flake in sight, we've got you covered.

Jamie Schneider
August 18 2021

How To Tell You Have A Diamond Face Shape + 7 Gorgeous Hair & Makeup Tips

Diamond-shaped friends, you have come to the right place.

Jamie Schneider
August 12 2021

Alix Klineman Just Won Olympic Gold: These Are Her Favorite Beauty Picks

Team USA Beach Volleyball player & Olympic gold medalist Alix Klineman shares her hot finds.

Alexandra Engler
August 6 2021

How To Tell If You Have Hooded Eyes & 9 Makeup Tips To Make Them Pop

This is how makeup artists enhance a hooded eye shape.

Jamie Schneider
July 23 2021

How To Sync Your Makeup Routine & Your Period (In Case You're Curious)

We tapped experts for their thoughts (and go-to product swaps).

Jamie Schneider
July 19 2021

13 Lip Balms With SPF To Protect Your Lips & Heal A Chapped Pout

You diligently apply (and reapply) your sunscreen—but how often do you protect this area?

Jamie Schneider
July 18 2021

In Honor Of National Clean Beauty Day: The 7 All-Time Best Beauty Tips

There's a holiday for everything—and today, folks, we have Clean Beauty Day.

Alexandra Engler
July 15 2021

This Can Help You Nail Pillowy, Even Makeup (Nope, Not Setting Spray)

Did we mention it fits innocently in the palm of your hand? 

Jamie Schneider
July 14 2021