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Summer's Here: The 10 Best Mineral Sunscreens For Every Skin Tone

Clean and natural beauty enthusiasts love them as they are shown to be safer for the skin and environment.

Alexandra Engler
June 12 2020

Sephora Pledges To Buy 15% Of Their Inventory From Black-Owned Brands

Quite the influential industry giant to kick off the initiative.

Jamie Schneider
June 10 2020

Dumpling Skin Is The 7-Step K-Beauty Trend To Give You A Dewy Glow

Ever gape at a basket of fresh dumplings and think, That highlight! Why are you so glowy?

Jamie Schneider
June 4 2020

This Skin Care Preservative Sounds Fishy, But Here's Why It's On Your Side

Thanks to its nearly unpronounceable name, you might raise a brow when you find it on ingredient decks.

Kirsten Nunez, M.S.
June 1 2020

No Swatching, No Problem: Here's How To Shop For Makeup Online

Add virtual swatching to the growing list of categories that fall under our new normal.

Jamie Schneider
May 28 2020

How To Use A Beauty Blender: Your Step-By-Step Guide To A Dewy Finish

Use them incorrectly, and they'll tip the scale from helpful to harmful faster than you can say, uh, why am I breaking out?

Jamie Schneider
May 14 2020

Ashley Graham's Trick For Naturally Fuller Lips (With No Lip Products!)

If there's one overarching beauty trend to come out of quarantine, perhaps it's embracing multipurpose looks.

Jamie Schneider
May 7 2020

White Cast, Begone: This New Skin Care Launch Changes The Sunscreen Game

Have we finally wormed our way around one of zinc oxide's biggest woes?

Jamie Schneider
May 6 2020

Need To Satisfy A Beauty Itch? We've Got 4 Safe Ways To Have Fun Right Now

While many are leaning into sourdough starters and puzzles, some are figuring out how to perfect their nail art.

Alexandra Engler
May 4 2020

Put A Spring In Your Fingertips With These 5 Nail Polish Shades

If a change in color palette can boost your mood, then by all means: Whip out the warm-weather brights and sunny pastels. Here, our five fave spring...

Alexandra Engler
April 27 2020

How To Make Your Own Lip Balm In 3 Easy Steps + DIY Recipes To Try

Perfect for a DIY first-timer looking for a baby-smooth pout.

Jamie Schneider
April 21 2020

5 Quick, No-Fuss Hairstyling Tips For All Your Virtual Meetings

To prepare for meetings and virtual get-togethers, here are some expert-approved styling advice.

Jamie Schneider
April 20 2020