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The Unexpected Hack That Can Make A Pimple Less Red In 60 Seconds

Experts say it's worth a try.

#skin care #acne #inflammation
Jamie Schneider
June 13 2021

This Magical Cream & Serum Ingredient Will Make Your Face So Much Softer

Ceramides, oh ceramides. How do I adequately wax poetic about ceramides?

#skin care #healthy aging #inflammation
Alexandra Engler
June 12 2021

The One Underrated Ingredient A Cosmetic Chemist Swears By For Stressed-Out Skin

Fellow ingredient buffs, read on.

#skin care #inflammation #acne
Jamie Schneider
June 10 2021

Why Skin Feels So Freaking Greasy During The Summer (+ Tips To Help)

If oil is driving you crazy in the summer: We see you.

#inflammation #acne #skin care
Alexandra Engler
June 9 2021

Why This MD Loves Polyphenols For Blood Sugar Balance, Brain Health & More

Adding these to my grocery list ASAP.

#microbiome #healthy aging #inflammation
Steven Gundry, M.D.
June 9 2021

The Creamiest, Dreamiest Way To Wash Your Face: 13 Must-Try Cleansing Balms

Hydrated, soft skin right this way.

#skin care #healthy aging #acne #inflammation
Alexandra Engler
June 5 2021

This Exclusive Recipe From A Top Chef Is Packed With Gut-Friendly Ingredients

Mussels, coconut, miso, ginger, jalapeños, and lots of sorrel.

#Mediterranean diet #inflammation
Eliza Sullivan
May 28 2021

These RDs Mixed Up Some Inflammation-Fighting Mocktails For The Long Weekend

Celebrate the start of summer!

#alcohol #inflammation #drinks
Eliza Sullivan
May 27 2021

Tighten Your Neck & Jawline With This Simple 2-Minute Lymphatic Massage

Sometimes a short daily ritual is all it takes for lifted, toned results.

#skin care #massage #inflammation #healthy aging
Jamie Schneider
May 26 2021

Found: The Best Natural Dandruff Shampoos That *Actually* Work

We put in all the legwork for you so you can focus on soothing your scalp.

#hair #skin care #inflammation
Jamie Schneider
May 23 2021

These All-Time Great Serums Lift, Tone & Tighten Says This Beauty Editor

Keep your skin looking vibrant and glowing—today, tomorrow, or a decade from now.  

#skin care #healthy aging #inflammation
Alexandra Engler
May 21 2021

It's Basically Summer: Here's How To Deal With Melasma Naturally

If you're prone to melasma, here's why you may start to see patches pop up—and what you can do about it.

#skin care #inflammation #healthy aging
Alexandra Engler
May 17 2021

Pomegranate Seeds Are Great Snacks — But Do You Want To Apply Them To Your Face?

The list of botanical oils we adore is a long one. This super fruit oil is no exception.

#skin care #healthy aging #inflammation #acne #hair
Alexandra Engler
May 16 2021

I'm A Lymphatic Therapist & This Is My Go-To Facial Massage For An Instant Glow

Your skin will instantly get a noticeable boost.

#skin care #massage #inflammation
Lisa Gainsley, CLT
May 14 2021

The Two Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients This Top Chef Adds To Everything

He makes sure they're always in the kitchen.

#breakfast #Paleo #vegetarian #inflammation
Eliza Sullivan
May 12 2021

Are You A Chronic Skin Picker? Try This To Pull Yourself Out Of A Spiral

Skin picking is a hard habit to break. Here are some tips to help.

#skin care #inflammation #stress
Alexandra Engler
May 10 2021

3 Things To Look For To Make Sure Your Beauty Product Is Working

Ingredient lists can still hide many truths about the product and its efficacy—if you know how to read between the lines.

#skin care #clean beauty school #inflammation #healthy aging
Alexandra Engler
May 10 2021

Here's What's Actually Causing Your Oily Roots & What To Do About It

Does your hair fall flat at the roots? Do you wake up with slick-feeling strands? Are constantly reaching for your shampoo (or dry shampoo) to save...

#skin care #hair #inflammation
Alexandra Engler
May 9 2021

The Biggest Dos & Don'ts Of Getting Rid Of Clogged Pores On Your Nose

You're not imagining it: The nose tends to be more prolific in its oil production.

#inflammation #acne #skin care
Alexandra Engler
May 8 2021

Always Get Angry Hangnails? Try This To Remove Them Without Any Pain

How do you get rid of those jagged pieces of skin without leaving your poor digits irritated and raw?

#skin care #inflammation
Jamie Schneider
May 8 2021