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Your Shower May Be Harming Your Skin's Microbiome & Here's What To Do

Skin covers the whole of our bodies—yet, we rarely give the rest of our skin the attention it so deserves.

Alexandra Engler
July 21 2020

Yes, Sunscreen Expires: 3 Ways To Tell + What Spoiled SPF Can Do To Skin

Here's what happens if you use a sunscreen from summers past.

Jamie Schneider
July 21 2020

The Summer Sun Triggers Premature Aging: Here's A Supplement That Can Help

As much as we adore summer, we also know that summer sun may come with unintended consequences.

Alexandra Engler
July 15 2020

So Why *Does* Skin Peel After Sunburns? Derm Answers & Tips

Normally, we do our best to avoid sunburns. Sometimes, burns happen.

Alexandra Engler
July 14 2020

These 4 Natural Bug Bite Relievers Are Derm-Approved (And In Your Kitchen!)

Chances are you'll have one of these bite relievers sitting on a shelf.

Jamie Schneider
July 13 2020

The Major Pros & Cons Of Chemical & Physical Sunscreen

Let us explain the world of physical and chemical sunscreens, how they work, and the various pros and cons.

Alexandra Engler
July 10 2020

Do You Get Retinol & Retinoid Mixed Up? Same — Here's What To Know

This star skin care item garners as much confusion over its name as it does praise for its efficacy.

Alexandra Engler
July 8 2020