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5 Ways To Quickly Gauge If Your CBD Product Is Working

Everyone will react to it differently, but these are some telltale signs to look for.

Emma Loewe
January 31

Would You Put Donkey Milk On Your Face? Beauty Brands Are Betting Yes

With roots tracing back to ancient Egypt, there's got to be something to it, no?

Alexandra Engler
January 30

Stomach Growling At Night? Here's A Trick To Keep You Full All Night Long

Gulp a straight spoonful of the bee sap before bed—you might just sleep soundly through the night.

Jamie Schneider
January 12

The Derm-Approved Way You Should Use Retinoids If You Have Sensitive Skin

Yes, you can use retinol on sensitive skin—as long as you're doing it right.

Jamie Schneider
January 11

Why Some People Get So Red After Working Out + 3 Tips To Cool It

What's going on when your post-workout glow is a little too pink.

Alexandra Engler
January 11