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OK, So Should You Actually Use A Facial Toner? We Investigated

The skincare step is somewhat controversial, considered optional by some yet downright essential to others.

Jessica Ourisman
9 hours ago

What Is Curcumin? Why This Anti-Inflammatory Active Is A Game-Changer

Turmeric has gotten buzz for years now as a spice with major health properties. But a lot of the perks of turmeric are actually due to its main active...

Korin Miller
a day ago

Mental Comfort Food: 4 Ways Nutritional Psychiatry Can Help Alleviate Anxiety

The foods can actually comfort our mental health are a bit—shall we say?—different.

Jason Wachob
4 days ago

NAD IV Therapy: What Is This Trendy New Treatment & Is It Safe?

So what's the verdict on this integrative treatment, and does it warrant the fanfare? We investigated.

Shawn Radcliffe
6 days ago

How You Should Stock Your Medicine Cabinet In The Midst Of COVID-19

While there's no treatment for COVID-19, many of these can help manage symptoms.

Abby Moore
March 17

The 6 Best Supplements To Take If You Have Dry, Damaged Hair

Shiny, hydrated hair can be difficult to achieve with just a good conditioner alone.

Korin Miller
March 3

Can You Naturally Rejuvenate Skin Cells? Yes — Here Are 5 Proven Ways

Take all the skin damage of yesterday and magically transform it into healthy new cells today? Yes, please.

Aloe Vera For Whiter Teeth & Healthier Gums? Here's What To Know

It's often touted for its soothing skin and hair care benefits. But this plant is not just for the outside of your body.

Shawn Radcliffe
February 28

Want A Glowing Complexion? These 9 Antioxidants Have You Covered

In the ever-advancing world of skin care, there is one ingredient category whose benefits will never fall out of favor: antioxidants.

Rebecca Dancer
February 28

This DIY Dry Shampoo Won't Clog Your Pores Or Hurt Your Scalp

Dry shampoo might have negative effects on your scalp, from clogged pores and hairline breakouts to thinning hair. Here's a DIY one that won't.

Andrea Jordan
February 22