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So You Want A Healthier Gut? An RD Tells You Where To Start

Eating right and managing stress are essential for a healthy gut.

Abby Moore
December 21 2019

More Adults Suffer From Acid Reflux Than Previously Thought, Study Finds

One-third of U.S. adults experience acid reflux, and their medication is not working.

Abby Moore
December 19 2019

Scientists Are One Step Closer To A Vaccine For Chronic Inflammation

Researchers may have discovered a way to prevent inflammation through vaccination.

Sarah Regan
December 12 2019

Treating Brain Inflammation May Reverse Dementia & Alzheimer's

Getting rid of brain fog while simultaneously boosting memory? Sounds good to us!

Christina Coughlin
December 4 2019

This Is How Overeating Damages The Brain, According To A New Study

New study by the Radiological Society of North America shows shows how overeating can damage regions of the brain by producing chronic...

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
November 27 2019

The Science Behind Why Heat Feels SO Good For Pain

How does heat help your aches and pains, exactly?

Krista Soriano
November 25 2019