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Is Dip Powder Bad For Your Nails? Pros & Cons Of The "Healthier" Faux Nails

It's received a bunch of hype, but how does dip powder get on with the clean beauty community?

Jamie Schneider
August 20

So, "Skin Fasting" Is A Thing, But Is It Safe? We Asked The Experts

The biggest skin care trend to recirculate during COVID-19 may very well be, uh, nothing.

Jamie Schneider
August 18

Why This Little Area On The Face Always Gets Dry & Red + How To Fix It

There are a few areas of skin that tend to get drier faster than others: knuckles, elbows, corners of the mouth, and—you guessed it—the nose.

Alexandra Engler
August 18

Need A Little Skin-Brightening? Try This Two-Ingredient Turmeric Face Mask

Just a sprinkle of the spice can be deeply nourishing—with a gorgeous golden color, to boot.

Jamie Schneider
July 25

Your Shower May Be Harming Your Skin's Microbiome & Here's What To Do

Skin covers the whole of our bodies—yet, we rarely give the rest of our skin the attention it so deserves.