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An All-Natural Technique To Remove Hair (No Shaving Required!)

When it comes to all-natural beauty trends, I’m the first to try new things. From avocado egg yolk hair masks to oil pulling, if someone’s...

Maya McDonald
September 1 2015

How To Give Your Hair Shine + Bounce This Fall

You've spent all summer outside, and while you've no doubt enjoyed yourself, your hair may tell a different story. Sun exposure, excessive heat and...

Josh Rosebrook
August 31 2015

9 Nontoxic Beauty Products To Add To Your Routine

Sorry kids, but we're officially nearing the end of summer. As someone who's favorite season is fall (original, I know), I can't say I'm upset about...

Allie White
August 12 2015

DIY Hair Masks For Smooth, Shiny Hair

Summer is one of the best seasons of the year: glorious beach days, barbecues, and brief respites from work and school. However, spending too much...

Alice Lin
August 6 2015

I'm A Woman & I Don't Shave. Here's Why

I can still remember the first time I shaved my legs. I watched my mom and older sister shaving for years and couldn't wait to join the club. In the...

Erin Volentine
August 4 2015

How To Look & Feel Great When You Fly: A Flight Attendant Tells All

Having spent 11 years globe trotting as a flight attendant for a major airline, you could say I'm a pretty seasoned traveler. So I'm well aware of how...

Katy Hull
August 1 2015

Can Coconut Oil Really Deliver? I Tested 14 Uses & Here's What I Found

To separate the "too good to be true" claims from the "wow, this is actually legit," I dove headfirst into the wild world of coconut oil as personal...

Allie White
July 29 2015

Why I Don't Shave My Armpits

When I was 16, I stopped shaving my armpits. Four years later, I'm still growing strong. But I wasn't always razor-averse.

Racheal Bennett
July 29 2015

Why I Ditched The Toxic Hair Dye & Embraced My Gray Hair

I was 18 when I found my first gray hair. It wasn’t long before that gray turned into two, then five, then more. Over the next ten years, the grays...

Tabby Hinderaker
July 27 2015

9 Natural Products For Glowy Skin & Gorgeous Hair All Summer

If you're looking to upgrade your beauty routine, we've got you covered. Whether it's a refreshing skin toner that will keep your pores in check or a...

Allie White
July 13 2015

5 Simple Strategies For Naturally Healthy Hair

Hair, skin and nails are often reflections of what’s going on inside our bodies. In order to attain a glowing exterior, we must take the whole body...

Jamie Lee Mock
July 1 2015

Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage With These 4 Tricks

There's way more to the hair on our heads than just adorning our physical appearance. It helps insulate our bodies when it's cold, and it keeps us...

Josh Rosebrook
June 30 2015

The Easiest Way To Get All-Natural Beach Waves (No Heat Required!)

No matter how smooth your hair is naturally, most of us are likely to end up with a frizzy mess atop our heads if we don't take the time to blow dry...

Josh Rosebrook
June 19 2015

Why Dry Shampoos Are Bad For Your Hair + What To Do Instead

I know, I know: dry shampoos are so convenient, they save time, energy and add a nice gritty texture to your hair. In a pinch, a dry shampoo can be a...

Josh Rosebrook
June 4 2015

An Exfoliating & Moisturizing DIY Treatment For A Dry Scalp

A healthy scalp encourages strong hair growth for years. But when your scalp is unhealthy, it can be dry, itchy and bad for the health of your hair....

Josh Rosebrook
May 27 2015

4 DIY Conditioners & Masks For Curly Hair

UV rays, wind, ocean water — these are all factors of a healthy, active life that can strip hair of natural oils and moisture, which then leads to...

Dr. Phoenyx Austin
May 5 2015

3 Herbal Recipes For Radiant Skin & Hair

Did you know everyday kitchen essentials like rosemary, sea salt, cilantro and avocado are perfect for DIY beauty products? Avocado and almond oil are...

Amie Valpone
April 3 2015

5 Must-Eats For Your Healthiest, Shiniest Hair Ever

One of the biggest signs of good health is happy, shiny hair. Chemical products, pollution and poor nutrition can cause hair to be limp and damaged,...

Ella Mills
March 5 2015

6 Ways To Use Baby Powder In Your Beauty Regimen

Back when my kids were still in diapers and I was a deliriously tired mom with too much on my plate, I left for a family vacation and forgot my...

Kaia Roman
January 16 2015

A Guide To DIY Coconut Oil Beauty Products (Infographic)

By now, we should all be well aware of the fact that coconut oil is a serious "jack of all trades" when it comes to skin and hair care. We here at MBG...

December 17 2014