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How A Wellness Maven (And Mama) Keeps Her Skin Glowing

"My beauty routine is one that I would recommend to all women."

Latham Thomas
May 10 2016

5 Surprising Ways To Use Epsom Salt Every Day

The healing salt isn't just for your bathtub.

Taz Bhatia, M.D.
May 3 2016

Get Beachy Hair Without The Beach + 3 Other Fuss-Free Spring Styles

These will get you through those hot and/or busy days!

Summer Rej
April 29 2016

Wash Off The Work Week With This DIY Shampoo

You'll never have to spend money on shampoo again!

Heather White
April 22 2016

How To Diagnose Your Hair Damage + Why Your Conditioner Isn't Working

You could be damaging your hair with the wrong conditioner.

Josh Rosebrook
April 11 2016

What You Need To Know About Where Your Argan Oil Comes From

Haven't jumped on the argan oil bandwagon yet? Now you will.

Ahmed Jeriouda
April 8 2016

This Powerful Video Series Examines Black Women's Relationship With Hair

"One thing about black girl hair that I don't think we always appreciate is that it is strong."

Emi Boscamp
March 1 2016

The Most Effective Natural "Hair Spray" You'll Ever Try

There IS a difference between hairspray and hair spray.

Allie White
February 15 2016

4 Tips For Your Healthiest, Shiniest & Softest Hair Ever

By the middle of winter, your hair might be more than a little dried out. With heat blasting indoors and cold air and wind whipping outside, static,...

Hilary Bernstein
January 31 2016

The Ancient Secret To Getting Your Shiniest, Healthiest Hair

Growing up in India, my sister and I were forced to have hair oil massaged into our scalps and hair at least once a week. It wasn’t the most exciting...

Shadoh Punnapuzha
January 21 2016

I'm A Woman Who Doesn't Shave & The World Is Still Spinning

As early as our preteens, we're taught that shaving is something that's normal and necessary. But no one tells us that once we start, it's hard to...

Christina Nichols
January 16 2016

Why You Should Start A Hair Ritual + How To Do It

Here at mindbodygreen, we're constantly on the lookout for the next "big thing" in health and wellness. So when the La Tierra Sagrada Treatment for...

Stefani Padilla
January 8 2016

12 DIY Ways To Use Coconut Oil In Your Beauty Routine

At this point, you should be well-aware that coconut oil is good for you, both inside and out. Beloved by foodies and beauties alike, this stuff will...

Allie White
December 27 2015

7 All-Natural DIY Recipes For Smooth, Shiny, Healthy Hair (Infographic)

If you've got yogurt, honey, and a banana in your kitchen right now, you can work some serious magic on your hair.

Allie White
December 24 2015