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The Truth About Silicones In Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Care

One area of hair care drums up a lot of debate: silicones.

Alexandra Engler
April 28

5 Quick, No-Fuss Hairstyling Tips For All Your Virtual Meetings

To prepare for meetings and virtual get-togethers, here are some expert-approved styling advice.

Jamie Schneider
April 20

Want Shiny Locks Almost Instantly? Here Are 7 Simple DIY Hair Masks

Much like there's plenty of good-for-skin ingredients you might have in your pantry, you can whip up a kitchen-made DIY hair mask quite effortlessly...

Alexandra Engler
April 18

At What Age Should You Start Taking Collagen? The Answer May Surprise You

When the popular ingredient is associated with words like "firmer skin" and "youthful," it can be tricky to know at what age you should start taking...

Normally Color Your Hair In A Salon? What To Do + Clean At-Home Products

This should come as no surprise, but it will likely be a moment until you're able to visit your salon or colorist again for a touch-up.

Alexandra Engler
April 13

Pollution (Even While Inside) Can Cause Hair Dullness & Loss: What To Do

Air pollution has a significant impact on our scalp and, subsequently, our hair.

Rebecca Dancer
April 12

Hair Toner: Can You Do It Naturally? 10 At-Home, DIY Tricks To Try

Here's what you should know about natural hair toner before you use it and some ingredients you never knew you could useā€”some that you might have...

Alexa Erickson
March 24

Exclusive: Clean At Sephora Goes Big & Bold With Clean Makeup

For so long, skin care was the core of clean beauty. Clean at Sephora is now proving that the case for clean makeup should be just as strong.

Alexandra Engler
March 12