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How To Tell You Have A Diamond Face Shape + 7 Gorgeous Hair & Makeup Tips

Diamond-shaped friends, you have come to the right place.

Jamie Schneider
August 12 2021

Have An Itchy Scalp? You May Be Air-Drying Your Hair Wrong

Sometimes an itchy scalp has a sneakier cause (with a much quicker fix).

Jamie Schneider
August 7 2021

Alix Klineman Just Won Olympic Gold: These Are Her Favorite Beauty Picks

Team USA Beach Volleyball player & Olympic gold medalist Alix Klineman shares her hot finds.

Alexandra Engler
August 6 2021

The Secret To Frizz-Free Curls Is One Of These 11 Hot Tools

Here's what all curly-haired folks know to be true: To get your springs just right, you need the right tools.

Alexandra Engler
July 24 2021

Should You Avoid This Skin Care Ingredient? Cosmetic Chemists & Derms Weigh In

Should you steer clear of this ingredient altogether or hoard every product that has it listed on the label?

Andrea Jordan
July 22 2021

This Multi-Hyphenate Hair Care Ingredient Can Give You Long, Luscious Locks

It's a hair moisturizer of the highest order, used for centuries.

Jamie Schneider
July 20 2021

The Oft-Forgotten Yet Critical Thing That Could Affect Hair Loss

Getting to the root of hair loss is a bit of a dance, but this plays a significant role.

Jamie Schneider
July 20 2021

7 Public Figures On The Hair Care Choices That Make Them Feel Powerful

Hair is one of our most important identity signifiers, communicating taste, politics, and social standing without us needing to speak a word.

Navaz Batliwalla
July 18 2021