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The Most Effective Natural "Hair Spray" You'll Ever Try

There IS a difference between hairspray and hair spray.

Allie White
February 15 2016

4 Tips For Your Healthiest, Shiniest & Softest Hair Ever

By the middle of winter, your hair might be more than a little dried out. With heat blasting indoors and cold air and wind whipping outside, static,...

Hilary Bernstein
January 31 2016

The Ancient Secret To Getting Your Shiniest, Healthiest Hair

Growing up in India, my sister and I were forced to have hair oil massaged into our scalps and hair at least once a week. It wasn’t the most exciting...

Shadoh Punnapuzha
January 21 2016

I'm A Woman Who Doesn't Shave & The World Is Still Spinning

As early as our preteens, we're taught that shaving is something that's normal and necessary. But no one tells us that once we start, it's hard to...

Christina Nichols
January 16 2016

Why You Should Start A Hair Ritual + How To Do It

One "Hair Shaman" on why it's important to have a hair ritual.

Stefani Padilla
January 8 2016

7 All-Natural DIY Recipes For Smooth, Shiny, Healthy Hair (Infographic)

If you've got yogurt, honey, and a banana in your kitchen right now, you can work some serious magic on your hair.

Allie White
December 24 2015

5 Common Hair Problems + Foods That Help Reverse Them

I field a lot of questions and complaint about hair loss from my patients. Many of them want a quick fix or an answer as the "why," but it's not as...

Bindiya Gandhi, M.D.
November 25 2015

A 6-Ingredient Coconut Milk Wash For Crazy Soft, Shiny Hair

The coconut is a wondrous thing. How one fruit can offer the benefits of cleansing, conditioning, and even astringency is pretty amazing.

Mary Helen Leonard
November 14 2015

This Supermodel Just Made History On The Victoria's Secret Catwalk. Here's Why

When you picture a Victoria's Secret angel, you probably envision an impossibly tall, toned, thin woman covered in glitter and feathers with flowing...

Emi Boscamp
November 12 2015

My Hair Was Thinning At An Alarming Rate. Here's What I Did

here are a few things I’ve been doing to treat my hair like the survivor it is.

Alli Sarazen
November 12 2015

The Secret To Soft, Silky, Well-Behaved Hair

Welcome to "Product Of The Week." Just like the name suggests, we'll spotlight one product every week that not only does what it promises to do, but...

Allie White
November 8 2015

A Natural & Nourishing Spray For Your Shiniest Hair Ever

Commercial hair-smoothing serums are made almost entirely of silicone and preservatives. Silicone looks good at first — it shrink-wraps hair in...

Erica Strauss
October 25 2015

10 How-To Videos For Major Fall Hair Inspiration

Braids, buns, top knots, oh my! If you're feeling a little lackluster about your hair these days, maybe all you need is a little bit of styling...

Allie White
October 7 2015

Why Your Shampoo & Conditioner Will Eventually Stop Working

If we're using something every single day, does our body eventually need more or something different to get the same results as at the start?

Josh Rosebrook
October 3 2015

Why You Should Stop Shaving + Let Your Hair Grow (Yes, Everywhere)

Back in 2013, I stopped shaving. It started as a kind-of joke: I wanted to take part in No-Shave November! But then it was January and I still hadn't...

Katie Hoban
September 21 2015

An All-Natural Technique To Remove Hair (No Shaving Required!)

When it comes to all-natural beauty trends, I’m the first to try new things. From avocado egg yolk hair masks to oil pulling, if someone’s...

Maya McDonald
September 1 2015

How To Give Your Hair Shine + Bounce This Fall

You've spent all summer outside, and while you've no doubt enjoyed yourself, your hair may tell a different story. Sun exposure, excessive heat and...

Josh Rosebrook
August 31 2015

9 Nontoxic Beauty Products To Add To Your Routine

Sorry kids, but we're officially nearing the end of summer. As someone who's favorite season is fall (original, I know), I can't say I'm upset about...

Allie White
August 12 2015

DIY Hair Masks For Smooth, Shiny Hair

Summer is one of the best seasons of the year: glorious beach days, barbecues, and brief respites from work and school. However, spending too much...

Alice Lin
August 6 2015