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This Clean Beauty Philosophy Is Just What We Need Right Now

Chances are you've been practicing slow beauty without even knowing it.

Jamie Schneider
June 26

The Hair Color Technique That Simulates A Natural, Sun-Kissed Look

The point of babylights is to be so soft and blendable, ideally they're nearly undetectable.

Growing Out Bangs (Did We Hear A Groan?) Doesn't Have To Be That Bad

We spoke with experts on the grow-out process, how to style them easier, and what you can expect during those dreaded awkward phases.

The One Hair Care Tip A Hairstylist Gives Everyone With Curls

Hair care routines are about as varied as hair types.

6 Reasons You Should Add Marula Oil To Your Skin, Hair & Nail Routine

Consider marula oil another versatile option to add to your beauty routine.

Andrea Jordan
June 22

Almond Oil Is The Most Underrated Ingredient For Soft, Healthy Hair: Here's Why

Almond oil is packed with hair-healthy nutrients that work for practically every hair type.

Andrea Jordan
June 20

If Your Hair Is Screaming For Moisture, Consider This 3-Step Method

Consider this 3-step technique to lock in the hydration.

Jamie Schneider
June 15

The Only DIY Mask Your Curls Need For Summer (Plus A Few Non-DIY Ones)

For those with curls and coils, it takes capital-E Effort to keep strands hydrated. And come summer, things start to feel even dryer.

To Towel Dry, Or Not To Towel Dry? An Easy Tip For Soft, Frizz-Free Hair

Summer humidity and frizz go together like sun, surf, and sand.

Jamie Schneider
June 13

This Skin Care Preservative Sounds Fishy, But Here's Why It's On Your Side

Thanks to its nearly unpronounceable name, you might raise a brow when you find it on ingredient decks.

How To Remove Hair Dye From Skin: A Celebrity Colorist Offers His 4 Tips

Before anyone realizes the tops of your ears are tinged strawberry blond.