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Here's Everything (Yes, Everything!) You Need To Know About Going Gray

No matter how you choose to address graying hair—from coloring it to embracing it—the changes in hair fiber do require additional and unique care.

Alexandra Engler
September 26 2022

A Simple Hack To Stimulate Hair Growth (And Leave You Seriously Relaxed)

Looking to encourage thick, luscious locks? Try this.

Hannah Frye
September 23 2022

How To Create Effortless, Natural-Looking Waves, From A Celeb Stylist

Even if summer is over, beachy waves are here to stay.

Hannah Frye
September 22 2022

The Best Time To Shower To Avoid Hair Damage & Breakage

It's more common than you might expect.

Hannah Frye
September 18 2022

How To Curl Your Hair And Actually Make It Last, From A Pro Stylist

Sick of putting time into curls that fall in an hour? Read this.

Hannah Frye
September 8 2022

If Your Hair Is Shedding More Than Normal Lately, Read This

Have you ever rinsed out your shampoo to see more than a few strands rinse down the drain?

Hannah Frye
August 29 2022

3 Signs Your Hair Is Begging For A Trim, According To Stylists

Underrated signs your hair is begging for a fresh cut.

Hannah Frye
August 28 2022

Looking To Amp Up Hair Growth? Start With One Of These Shampoos

If lush, thriving hair is your priority, a good shampoo needs to be at the top of your list: Healthy hair starts in the shower, and a good cleanser is...

Alexandra Engler
August 24 2022