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A Surprising Tea This Herbalist Loves For Healthy Hair Growth

There's no magic tonic that can give you lush strands overnight, but if you're looking for new ways to support hair health—here's one idea.

Alexandra Engler
February 10

Craving Healthy Hair Growth? Do *This* Before You Shower

This is, hands down, one of the simplest techniques.

Jamie Schneider
January 30

These 15 Supplements Improve Fine Lines & Support Healthy Aging*

There are always buzzy new trends in the skin care space, but if there's one that has staying power, it's skin longevity. Here, supplements to help.*

Alexandra Engler
January 29

Calling All Curly Girls: This Is Your Full Guide To Type 3C Hair

Whether you're newly transitioning into the natural life or caring for someone with 3C hair, here's everything you need to know about a 3C hair...

Dorian Smith-Garcia
January 25

How This Hairstylist Revives Flat Hair In Just One Simple Step

Hair professionals always say that styling starts in the shower.

Alexandra Engler
January 9

The All-Time Best Shampoos For Anyone With Color-Treated Hair

As someone who has been coloring her hair for—oh, let's just say a while!—I know how vital upkeep is.

Alexandra Engler
December 29 2021

The Only (& We Mean Only) Guide To Using Purple Shampoo You'll Ever Need

Purple shampoos have made a big wave lately, resulting in loads of hacks, questions, and questionable hacks.

Alexandra Engler
December 11 2021