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The Healthy Hair Care Step Most Of Us Aren't Doing

Rethink the way you wash your hair.

June 26 2019

Afraid To Go Silicone-Free? These 5 Styling Products Will Inspire You

Want to cut out silicones? These will give you all the reasons to.

Alexandra Engler
June 24 2019

My Job Is To Be On The Beach: These Are The Natural Products I Actually Use

Team USA Beach Volleyball player Alix Klineman shares her hot selects.

Alexandra Engler
June 22 2019

Reusable Alternatives To Stuff That Ends Up In Your Bathroom Trash

Is it just me or do bathroom trash cans fill up faster than you can say "cotton swab"?

Emma Loewe
June 20 2019

5 Things You Should Never Do With Wet Hair (We're Guilty Of No. 1)

Hydration is the name of the game, but wet hair is weak hair. Find out why.

June 17 2019

Jennifer Aniston's Colorist On Keeping Hair Safe From Sun & Salt This Summer

The shocking ways summertime fun messes with your hair.

Alexandra Engler
June 15 2019

5 Super Minerals Your Body Craves For Healthier Skin

Let's talk about the minerals that make you look and feel a whole lot healthier.

June 1 2019

Chemically Treated Hair? Yes, You Can Care For It Naturally

Just because you opt for a chemical process doesn't mean you have to put on more every single day.

Alexandra Engler
May 22 2019

Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo? Here's The One Thing You Need To Know

Miss a little lather? Here's *actually* how to use sulfate-free shampoos.

Alexandra Engler
May 18 2019

Use Natural Hair Care Products? Make Sure You're Not Doing This

Your natural hair care products might be doing more damage than good.

Alexandra Engler
May 14 2019

The Surprising Side Effect Of Using Dry Shampoo & What To Do About It

Overusing dry shampoo can clog pores and cause irritation; these three options can help.

Alexandra Engler
May 8 2019

Will Adding Hemp Oil To Your Hair Care Routine Give You Longer, Healthier Locks?

Hemp oil for hair and scalp health, including CBD's properties, how to use it, and what the research says about hemp oil versus hemp seed oil.

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
April 30 2019

8 Things Your Nails Are Trying To Tell You About Your Health

These small things can tell you all about your nail health.

Krista Soriano
April 29 2019

6 Women With Awesome Hair On Their No-Heat, Air-Drying Techniques

With all different hair types and lengths, to boot.

Lindsay Kellner
April 28 2019