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PSA: These Clean Beauty Deals Won't Be Around For Another Year

Here's how our editors are navigating Cyber Monday.

Hannah Frye
November 28 2022

Should You Be Using Melatonin For Hair Growth? Experts Weigh In

Seek the sleepy-time hormone in your next hair growth serum.

Jamie Schneider
November 23 2022

An $8 Peel This Cosmetic Chemist Swears By For Glowing, Clear Skin

Cosmetic chemists are the folks actually doing the very arduous task of creating the products we so dearly love. Here, what Krupa Koestline is using...

Alexandra Engler
November 22 2022

Does Your Hair Need A Detox? Here's How To Tell + What To Use

So, what is clarifying shampoo actually clarifying in the first place?

Hannah Frye
November 7 2022

8 Things Causing Your Split Ends (And How To Prevent New Ones)

Everything you need to know about split ends in one place.

Hannah Frye
November 5 2022

Why This Beauty Expert Swears By Wearing Makeup To Bed

Maayan Zilberman—artist, confectioner, founder of Sweet Saba, and quite possibly one of the chicest women in New York—has the best taste.

Alexandra Engler
November 1 2022

I'm A Celebrity Colorist — Here's How To Get Glossy, Shiny Hair

Today on Clean Beauty School, I had on the man who convinced me to go blond several years ago, celebrity colorist Justin Anderson.

Alexandra Engler
November 1 2022

This Is Your The Ultimate Guide To Curl Care From The Pros

Happy, healthy curls are the dream. But how do you make the dream a reality? Well, the answer to that question will be different for everyone.

Alexandra Engler
October 31 2022

Craving Fuller, Thicker Locks? Ask For This During Your Next Trim

People swear it makes your strands look instantly fuller.

Jamie Schneider
October 28 2022

6 Easy Steps For A Fluffy, '90s-Inspired Blowout, From Top Hairstylists

And you don't necessarily need to grab the blow dryer.

Jamie Schneider
October 25 2022

6 Factors That Trigger Frizzy Strands + How To Effortlessly Style Your Hair

If you want to tame your frizz, we've got you covered.

Hannah Frye
October 24 2022

How Often Should You Actually Condition Your Hair? We Asked The Pros

If your hair feels dry and brittle, read this.

Hannah Frye
October 17 2022