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My Dog's Fur Was Everywhere — Until I Found This (A Must-Have For Pet Owners)

Every fluffy dog owner needs this.

#dogs #Spring Cleaning
Braelyn Wood
May 13

Here’s Why Feeding Your Dog Fresh Food Is Better For Pets, Parents, And the Planet

A human analogy: It’s a bit like choosing a colorful Buddha bowl full of protein and veggies, versus a bag of something processed.

#partner #dogs
Devon Barrow
September 12 2022

Our Dogs Deserve The Best, But So Does The Planet — How To Feed Your Pup Sustainably

How to feed your pup sustainably.

#partner #dogs
Devon Barrow
August 24 2022

The $13 Tool That Saved My Home From Excess Pet Fur

Every pet owner should have one.

Braelyn Wood
August 8 2022

I Wear The Same Sneakers Every Day & They're Perfect For Wide Feet

My new sole mate.

#dogs #Home Workout #Walking
Braelyn Wood
June 3 2022

I Used To Dread Walking My Dog Before Finding This Must-Have Product

Every dog owner should have one.

#dogs #Walking
Braelyn Wood
May 22 2022

Strangers Say My Dog Smells Incredible — & It's Thanks To This Natural Shampoo

And it leaves her fur unbelievably soft.

#dogs #hair #mbgpersonalcare
Braelyn Wood
April 22 2022

My Dog's Fur Destroyed Two Vacuums Before I Found This Powerful Option

And it's $70 off.

#dogs #Spring Cleaning #mbgsupplements
Braelyn Wood
April 16 2022
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9 Gifts That Will Make Sure Your Pet Is Living Their Best Life

From delicious raw meals to the most creme de la creme dog bed on the market—this guide has everything you need to ensure your pup is living their...

#partner #dogs #Raw Food
Devon Barrow
December 9 2021
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This Functional Medicine Expert Chose A Raw Diet For His Pups. Here's Why

Check out the video to learn more about Cole's choice to start his pups on a raw diet... And how they feel about it!

#partner #dogs
Dr. Will Cole
December 7 2021
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Pet Parents, We Cleared Up 5 Myths About A Raw Dog Food Diet. Here's Why We're Relieved

Because diet is always the first line of defense, we decided to home in on debunking the myths that stand between us and a well-fed pet.

#dogs #Raw Food
Ryan Brady
November 15 2021

This One Habit Can Support Your Dog's Longevity, Says A Veterinarian

Intermittent fasting (or feeding) can add years to your dog's life.

#intermittent fasting #longevity #dogs
Karen Shaw Becker, DVM
November 10 2021
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Here's What Your Puppy Should Be Eating For A Future Of Better Health

A raw food diet offers a variety of unique benefits for puppies' long-term health—and we've got the research to prove it!

#partner #dogs
Ryan Brady
October 27 2021

I'm A Veterinarian: These 6 Tips Can Help Your Pets Live Longer

Dogs provide unwavering comfort and cuddles, so how do we support their needs?

#longevity #dogs
Karen Shaw Becker, DVM
October 13 2021
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Even Your Dog Thinks Seasonal Allergies Are The Worst. Here's How To Help

It doesn't matter how healthy you are or how often you meditate, allergies test anyone's patience... Our pups included!

#partner #dogs
Ryan Brady
October 6 2021
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Research Shows A Raw Diet Can Help Dogs With Digestive Issues. Here's How

As it turns out, what your dog is regularly eating has more to do with their digestive distress than we once realized.

#partner #dogs #digestion
Devon Barrow
September 24 2021
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5 Reasons To Start Your Dog On A Raw Food Diet

When their diet is full of nutrients like protein, fruits, and vegetables, they have more energy throughout the day.

#partner #dogs #organic food
Devon Barrow
September 15 2021
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The Pet Food That Passed This mbg Pet Parent's High Standards

She knows that her two pups greatly benefit from wholesome, minimally processed food.

#partner #dogs
Becky LaChance
September 8 2021

Thinking About Giving Your Dog CBD? Here's Everything You Need To Know

Plus, five brands to check out.

#CBD #stress #dogs
Jennifer Chesak
September 1 2021

Holistic Home Tour: This Calming California Home Is A Daydreamer's Sanctuary

Cool, muted tones rule Lindsay Wallstrum's oh-so-tranquil space.

#holistic home tour #plants #dogs
Emma Loewe
July 29 2021