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5 Reasons To Start Your Dog On A Raw Food Diet

September 15, 2021
Branded Content Editor
Image by Kayla Snell / Stocksy
September 15, 2021

When it comes to diet and nutrition, our four-legged friends aren't so different from us. When our pup's food tastes better, they get more excited for mealtime. When it's full of nutrients like protein, fruits, and vegetables, they have more energy throughout the day. When it's minimally processed, they're happier and healthier. Sound familiar? All species benefit from higher food quality—and as pet parents, those benefits are in our hands.

We've all found ourselves in the pet food aisle, sifting through nutrition facts, packaging, and price. The truth is, there's an ocean of options out there. But nothing compares to how a raw food diet can unlock your dog's potential. Just like us humans appreciate a healthy, hearty meal, our dogs appreciate the 100% raw nutrition of Instinct Raw. In fact, as we dig in deeper, you'll find it hard for any ordinary kibble to compare.

What is a raw diet?

A raw food diet is as simple as it gets: Just think real ingredients, like cage-free chicken and non-GMO fruits and vegetables. Those whole-food ingredients are never cooked or heated—meaning more nutrients remain intact than in cooked pet food, like kibble. Some pet parents create their own homemade raw diets with raw meat and more—but it's important to note that this method isn't typically the best or safest. On our own, it's difficult to calculate the proper nutritional balance, and there's no pathogen-reduction step. Premade raw diets like Instinct Raw are the best option for safe, complete, and balanced raw food.

Instead of high heat, Instinct uses cold pressure (aka high-pressure processing, or HPP), a natural, USDA-recognized process that ensures their raw food formulas are safe and free from bacteria. Instinct's raw recipes are loaded with nutrients, minus the artificial ingredients and preservatives. And how is that connected to your dog's best self? Check out these five reasons:

Image by Kayla Snell / Stocksy

Raw food has higher nutritional value.

Like we said, a raw diet consists of real food. And this translates to real nutritional value. For example, the Instinct Raw Bites Real Beef Recipe consists of 85% meat and organs, and 15% non-GMO vegetables, fruits, vitamins, and minerals. Because these ingredients aren't cooked, their nutritional integrity makes it into your pet's bowl, so they get the most out of every bite. And high-pressure processing ensures that the raw food is safe. Not to mention, it maintains the flavor your furry pal is soon to love. And if it's not beef, check out the chicken and lamb recipes!


Raw food increases your dog's mealtime excitement.

If you're not getting all the panting, tail-wagging, and bouncing come mealtime, then you and your pup are both seriously missing out. When our pets get more out of their mealtime, it's satisfying for everybody involved. Whether you transition your pet to a 100% raw diet or start adding raw to their current routine, you'll be able to see a difference in their excitement and behavior as soon as you walk into the kitchen. It's true for you too, right? When you're absolutely starving, would you rather sit down to a bowl of cereal, or a Buddha Bowl loaded with veggies, protein, and healthy grains?


Raw food can reduce the risk of skin allergies.

Just like humans, dogs can develop reactions to different environmental allergens. But whereas we react with a bit of a runny nose, our dogs can experience skin problems and ear infections, to name a few. According to the University of Helsinki's DogRisk research program, feeding puppies raw food can reduce their risk of developing allergies later in life. Because dogs tend to develop their allergies at around 1 to 3 years old, the earlier the better for a raw food diet. Pet parents have reported that a raw food diet also helps give dogs relief from food sensitivities. Instinct Raw formulas can help your pet step one paw closer to more resilient health.


Better long-term digestion is supported by raw food.

Just like humans, our pets need a strong microbiome as a pillar of overall health. A recent study by the University of Helsinki found that, compared to kibble-fed puppies, raw food may reduce the risk of IBD later in life. Plus, one of the most common changes pet parents have observed with a raw food diet is smaller and firmer No. 2s. Raw food sets our pets up for success in the future, and truthfully, the alternative looks a lot less bright. Regular old kibble can be full of preservatives, artificial ingredients, fillers, and palatants (ingredients in a food that make pets want to eat it, including smelly chemicals). This can all be avoided with simple, real food.


Raw food is key to a soft and shiny skin and coat.

Did you know that the overall health of your dog is reflected by the condition of their skin and coat? A healthy coat is both shiny and soft. If their coat is coarse, or their skin is greasy, flaky, or bumpy—these may be red flags. One of the most obvious changes pet parents have observed after putting their dog on a raw diet is healthier skin and coat. That has to do with the natural oils and omega fatty acids in Instinct Raw formulas, which help their coat stay extra pettable.

Food you can trust.

We get it. When it comes to your dog, there's nothing you wouldn't do. You want only the best for your pup, and a raw food diet meets those standards. But as a brand, Instinct exceeds them. Instinct goes above and beyond to ensure the safety and quality of their raw formulas. Every raw bite is backed by sound procedures and credentials and is pet-approved too. Pet parents who have had their dogs on a raw diet have observed increased energy and vitality. And it's not hard to see why. When we stay on top of our own nourishment and fuel ourselves up on real, wholesome food—we feel invincible. If we had tails, they'd be wagging too.

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