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7 Things To Consider Before Ending Your Relationship

If you're anything like me, a mom who loves her kids and cares about her husband (now ex-husband) and family, then you were definitely not too psyched...

Tara Averill
January 5 2015

The Divorce Rate Is Actually Declining, Contrary To Popular Belief

When it comes to marriage, we've been conditioned to expect disaster. For so long, we've heard people say that half of marriages end in divorce and...

Emi Boscamp
December 3 2014

How To End Your Marriage Without Destroying Your Family

There is no such thing as an easy divorce. By societal standards, my divorce was as easy as they come. But a lot of work went into having a healthy...

Tara Averill
November 20 2014

3 Non-Negotiable Reasons To Leave Your Partner

Have you ever struggled with the question of when it's time to leave a relationship? Are you plagued with doubt about whether or not you will have...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
November 10 2014

I Left A Marriage After 18 Years. Here's What I Learned

I've come to understand that I was causing my own suffering with expectations of what I thought my life should be.

Debbie Hampton
November 3 2014

How To Help Your Kids Thrive After A Toxic Divorce

When your once-in-a-lifetime love turns sour and ends in divorce, you might try to maintain some level of amicability with your ex-spouse when there...

Tara Miller
September 5 2014

I Stayed In The Wrong Marriage For 11 Years

I had a kind and handsome husband. We lived in a four-bedroom home in a suburban golf community. We had nice cars, took vacations and had a wide...

Sharon Pope
August 30 2014

9 Parenting Strategies Every Divorced Couple Should Consider

Co-parenting is a fairly new word. Divorce isn’t new, but many states have begun giving joint custody to parents. Placement determines where the...

Karen Becker
August 17 2014

I Was The Other Woman In An Emotional Affair

Emotional affair. I'd never paid much attention to the term. Why would I? I've never been attracted to men who are attached. I've also never...

Aubrielle Marin
August 4 2014

What I Learned About Love By Ending My Marriage

I expected to feel regret and to build stronger boundaries, but instead I found my heart more open than it had ever been. And shockingly, my divorce,...

Isabeau Miller
July 10 2014

Why I Love The Term "Conscious Uncoupling"

Like so many other people this past week, I've been contemplating the idea of "conscious uncoupling." Gwyneth Paltrow's use of this term seems to have...

Kate Solomon
April 4 2014

9 Ways To Co-Parent Like A Grown-Up

When someone decides to leave a relationship, there’s a very real possibility they may never again see the person who was once the center of their...

Emma Bathie
March 26 2014

6 Tips To Help You Deal With Divorce

I remember attending my good friend’s wedding a few weeks after finalizing my divorce. I was 28, and many of my friends were in full-on...

Leanne Grechulk
March 17 2014

3 Bad Habits That Can Derail Any Relationship

As a marriage therapist, one of the questions I get asked most by family and friends is What should I do so we don’t end up in couples therapy? As a...

Esther Boykin, LMFT
February 10 2014

6 Spiritual Lessons I Learned From Being A Divorce Attorney

As a first-generation American, raised by immigrant parents who sacrificed to give me a good life, I embraced the American Dream without question,...

Tejal Patel
February 6 2014

The Yoga Of (My) Divorce

As I type, my laptop sits among a small mountain of legal documents, receipts from Home Depot, a new set of keys, suitcases spilling out onto the...

Elizabeth Rowan
December 23 2013

A Simple Calming Exercise You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere

Stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness are frustrating problems. Most of us have experienced times when our minds race, we feel panic rising, or we find...

Cathy Cox
October 28 2013

7 Steps To Stay Positive After A Divorce

When a relationship ends you don’t just divorce a partner, you divorce a life. The life together and future plans you built around the relationship...

Cathy Cox
October 15 2013

Why I Won't Wait For My Father To Apologize

My parents went through a dragged-out divorce. Then my father vanished out of my life on my 15th birthday. Before he disappeared that day, he told me...

Hali Tsotetsi
October 8 2013