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Why We Should All Celebrate Our Breakups + How To Do It

When performance artists Marina Abramovic and Ulay (Uwe Laysiepen) ended their 12 years as lovers and artistic partners, they honored the occasion by...

How To Have A Conscious Uncoupling, From The Woman Who Coined The Phrase

My parents divorced when I was too young to remember much beyond the tense and toxic emotional residue left festering between them.

5 Behaviors You Should Avoid After A Breakup

I often marvel at the strength of celebrities and other public figures who endure the ego-decimating effects of a divorce or breakup in the public...

Monica Parikh
August 27 2015

When Temporary Separation From Your Partner Is A Good Thing

The fact is, sometimes we remain stuck in our painful relationships because we think we have to know for sure whether we’re staying in the marriage or...

Sharon Pope
August 21 2015

How I Learned To Fall Back In Love With Myself After Divorce

It was a beautiful New York City night and I was hosting a charity event. In between my hosting duties and conversations, I was fielding e-mails and...

Tamsen Fadal
July 18 2015

6 Valuable Life Lessons You Receive From A Breakup

After my breakup and divorce, life was a struggle. My feelings of sadness crushed me, and I felt consumed and controlled by the pain. Furthermore, I...

Vishnu Subramaniam
July 1 2015

How To Rebuild Your Sense Of Self-Worth After A Breakup

I felt pretty crappy about myself after my divorce. In fact, I felt so worthless that I quit my job, isolated myself and practically hid for a from...

Vishnu Subramaniam
June 13 2015

3 Gifts You Can (And Will) Discover From Divorce

There are two phrases I really, really hate. The first is “Don’t stop believing.” For that, I blame the band Journey. This is one of those lame...

Christina Pesoli
June 4 2015

I Became Obsessed With My Ex-Boyfriend's Girlfriend

I paid more attention to the fact that I “lost him to another woman” and less to the fact that I was “losing me"

Lynn Newman
May 9 2015

5 Questions To Ask Before You End A Relationship

Buoyed by the success of our first collaboration, I invited Carolyn Byrne (a matrimonial attorney) and Aimee Hartstein (a marriage therapist) to join...

Monica Parikh
May 3 2015

14 Tips For Healthy Co-Parenting With Your Ex

As divorced parents, we all wonder how the divorce will impact our kids. Our job as parents, divorced or not, is to ensure that our kids have a happy,...

Patti O'Rourke
March 22 2015

3 Simple Ways To Show Compassion For Your Ex + Why It's Important

My marriage ended for the right reasons. I knew it had to happen, and yet I still went through a raft of unbearably intense emotions -- from anger,...

Amanda Laden
March 4 2015

These 2 Questions Can Predict Whether Your Relationship Will Last

You probably don't associate love with numbers, formulas, and concrete data; instead, you think of the opposite, of irrationality and emotion. So...

Emi Boscamp
January 29 2015

7 Reasons I'm Grateful For My Divorce

While I had been in love during my teenage years, my now ex-husband was my first adult relationship. I had gotten engaged to him at 20 and married him...

Sarah Woehler
January 21 2015

10 Lessons I Learned About Grief From Ending My 10-Year Marriage

Faced with the option of staying in my marriage and sacrificing who I was or leaving the relationship in order to become who I needed to become, I...

Sarah Woehler
January 7 2015