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I'm Dreading Winter: A Psychiatrist's 6 Tips For Coping With Dark Days

A lot of people feel suffocated by the dark days, but here are some ways to help.

Roxanna Namavar, D.O.
November 6 2020

Struggling With Intrusive Thoughts? You Could Be Sleep Deprived

You're likely in for a rough day if you didn't get a good night's sleep.

Sarah Regan
November 4 2020

Depressed People Have A Specific Pattern Of Social Media Use, Study Finds

The timing and content of social media usage may signal depression.

Abby Moore
October 28 2020

A Neuropsychiatrist Warns Seasonal Depression May Be Worse In 2020

Amid the pandemic, this could turn be one of the SADdest seasons ever.

Daniel Amen, M.D.
October 28 2020

Things To Remember If You're Dating Someone With Depression

At least 7% of U.S. adults suffer from depression.

Sarah Regan
October 24 2020

You're Never Alone: 20 Cutting-Edge Mental Health Leaders Ready To Give Guidance

Take advantage of their guidance whenever you please, and—most importantly—know that you're never alone.

mbg editorial
October 10 2020

Do You Have Trust Issues? Here Are 7 Signs To Look For

Reluctant to open up? Here's what it could mean.

Sarah Regan
September 20 2020

I Live With Bipolar: Here's How To Help A Loved One Who Doesn't Want Help

How to help when someone doesn't want it or refuses to ask.

Terri Cheney
September 8 2020

Lacking This Antioxidant May Be Linked To Depression & Anxiety

The "master antioxidant" glutathione may play a role in mental health.

Nayan Patel, PharmD
September 8 2020

11 Ways To Help A Partner Going Through A Mental Health Slump

In a long-term partnership, it's likely to occur at one point or another.

Sarah Regan
September 1 2020

How This Woman Is Destigmatizing Mental Health In The Black Community

This lifestyle brand's new initiative is helping women of color break long-standing stigmas.

Wilma Mae Basta
August 31 2020

Why COVID Is A Mental Health Trigger, Whether You've Had Previous Issues Or Not

The mental toll the pandemic is taking will affect everyone, one way or another.

Abby Moore
August 29 2020