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Mindful Moments: How Fragrance Can Help Us Find Serenity

Turns out, one of the most powerful factors that contributes to the serenity of these experiences is the aroma that surrounds them.

#partner #aromatherapy
Devon Barrow
August 23 2021

These Essential Oils Are The Best For Boosting Mood, New Research Finds

It's long been believed that essential oils have therapeutic effects.

#essential oils #mbgsupplements #news #aromatherapy
Sarah Regan
August 12 2021

Synthetic vs. Natural Fragrance: The Hot Button Issue, Explained

Readers, welcome to the world of "clean fragrance." By all accounts, it's a confusing one.

#aromatherapy #clean beauty school
Alexandra Engler
June 13 2021

The Sneaky Reason Your Favorite Scent May Change Over Time

New signature scent, anyone?

#skin care #aromatherapy
Alexandra Engler
June 4 2021

3 Tips For Finding A Fragrance To Match Your Mood (& Align Your Chakras)

Finding your fragrance—be it a signature scent or just your perfume for the day—is an art form.

#clean beauty school #aromatherapy
Alexandra Engler
May 31 2021

5 Ways To Reduce Stress Quickly (No, Not Meditating)

Because meditating may not work for everyone.

#stress #breath #essential oils #aromatherapy #mbgsupplements
Sarah Regan
May 21 2021

Ready For A New Hobby? Our Complete Guide To Herb Gardening Is Here

That's one happy herb.

#plants #Herbs #aromatherapy
Lauren David
March 30 2021

Mindset Matters: How Essential Oils Can Stimulate Mind, Body & Soul

As we've looked high and low for creative ways to invigorate our wellness routines, we've discovered the power of essential oils and all that they can...

#partner #essential oils #aromatherapy
Devon Barrow
January 12 2021

How To Clear Negative Energy From Your Workspace For A Fresh Start

Time to give your desk a thorough cleaning—both literally and energetically.

#energy #aromatherapy #plants #crystals
Sarah Regan
January 5 2021

Here's How To Dry All Those Herbs That Are About To Go Bad, From An Herbalist

There are lots of ways to dry herbs, and so many ways to use them up.

#Herbs #aromatherapy #skin care
Sarah Regan
November 20 2020

7 Smart Tips For Extending The Shelf Life Of Essential Oils, From An Expert

How long do they really last? And more importantly, how can we make them last longer?

#essential oils #aromatherapy
Sarah Regan
August 31 2020

7 Simple Ways To Find Micro-Moments Of Self-Care When You're Low On Time

Self-care doesn't need to be elaborate—or expensive.

#affirmations #aromatherapy #breath #gratitude
Sarah Regan
August 25 2020

How To Make Your Own Summer Wreath: 5 Stunningly Seasonal DIYs

The seasonal craft that keeps on giving.

#aromatherapy #plants

Why Essential Oils Could Be Helpful For Loss Of Smell From COVID-19

It's all about the unique way that our brain processes certain odors.

#essential oils #COVID-19 #brain #aromatherapy #news
Emma Loewe
May 20 2020

A Nutritional Medicine Physician Shares Why He Practices Hydrotherapy

It's a wonderful preventive health care measure and easy for anyone to practice.

#sleep #aromatherapy
Andreas Michalsen, M.D., Ph.D.
September 29 2019

Perfume Changing Color Over Time? Here's What It Really Means

It doesn't necessarily mean it's expired.

#essential oils #aromatherapy
Emma Loewe
May 9 2019

This Pain-Relieving Essential Oil May Ease Your Headaches, IBS Symptoms & Nasal Congestion

This multitasking oil deserves a spot in your medicine cabinet.

#essential oils #aromatherapy
Elsbeth Riley
January 31 2019

A Guide To Eucalyptus Oil: The Uses & Benefits Of This Distinct Scent

Discover the benefits behind the tingle.

#essential oils #aromatherapy
Kayleigh Roberts
January 29 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Aromatherapy, Plus The 9 Best Essential Oils To Get Started

Inhale the goodness and get some serious benefits.

#aromatherapy #essential oils
Elsbeth Riley
January 25 2019

A Pro Organizer On How To Become The Minimalist Packer You've Always Wanted To Be

Minimalism is a beautiful thing—especially when you're traveling.

#aromatherapy #gut health #minimalism #travel week
Emma Loewe
June 29 2018