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5 Tips To Eat Healthy, No Matter How Busy You Are

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October 6, 2014

Being busy is many peoples' excuse for not eating healthily and not taking care of themselves. But in my opinion, not taking care of your health because you’re too busy is the same as driving a car on a low fuel and saying, I’m too busy driving, so I can’t stop for gas.

The good news is that eating healthfully doesn’t need to take up too much of your time. When you know a few tips and tricks, it can be quicker and easier than going to a coffee shop and waiting in line for your latte and breakfast muffin.

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Most of my clients are very busy and don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen. So here are a few tips I always offer them, in order to save time without sacrificing health.

1. Do batch cooking and double everything.

Oven-roasted or steamed veggies, soups and veggie stir-fries are healthy and easy to prepare meals. Always cook double or triple batches and store in air-tight containers in the fridge. It’s also a great idea to cook large batches of chickpeas, quinoa or brown rice. You can add these to your salad or other veggie dishes later in the week.

When you make it a habit, you’ll always have healthy food on hand, and will be able to easily prepare healthy lunches to take to work. A bonus – you'll save some money too!

2. Make a batch of hummus and a salad dressing once a week, and keep in the fridge.

Raw carrot or cucumber sticks with hummus is a healthy and an absolutely delicious snack! You can also add some hummus to your salads. It’s such a versatile and delicious side to keep in your fridge.

Also skip chemical-laden processed dressings and make your own! Try this delicious sun-dried tomato dressing or this raw mango mayonnaise!

3. Make breakfast the night before (chia pudding or overnight oats are great options for this).

Preparing your breakfast the night before means that all you have to do in the morning is open your fridge and take it out! You can make delicious chia pudding by soaking chia seeds in almond or other non-dairy milk. You can start with this delicious strawberry chia pudding.

You can also make overnight oats, by soaking rolled oats in non-dairy milk (homemade almond milk is my favorite), then adding some healthy sweetener and topping with any fruit or berries you like. Easy, healthy and delicious. No more excuses for skipping breakfast or loading up on processed snacks.

4. Snack on fruit.

Fruit is the ultimate fast food. In some cases, it even comes in its own biodegradable package (think banana peels). If you work in an office, opt for no-mess fruit like apples, bananas or grapes.

Fruit will provide you with much-needed energy and nutrients.

5. Make a shopping list and do grocery shopping once a week.

Another common excuse for not eating healthfully is feeling there's a lack of time to shop for healthy foods. However, if you plan your meals for the upcoming week (remember to cook double or triple batches!) and make a shopping list, you can do grocery shopping once a week, for example, on weekend.

This will save you so much time and energy. Plus, when you have lots of healthy food in your fridge and cupboards, you’ll cook and eat at home more often.

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