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Not All Kombucha Is Brewed Equally... How To Tell If Yours Is The Real Deal

March 13, 2024
Branded Content Editor
Image by GT's Living Foods / Contributor
March 13, 2024

These days, you can expect to find kombucha at the neighborhood coffee shop, or on draft at your favorite meet up spot. While this fermented tea drink has ancient roots in China’s Qin Dynasty (2,000 years ago), it has grown into a modern day sensation as a wellness tonic, alcohol substitute, and bubbly refreshment—for good reason.

Image by Anna Mondanaro / Anna Mondanaro

The drink that does it all

Kombucha is generally hailed for its gut health benefits. As a probiotic beverage, kombucha has been connected to a diverse gut microbiome1. But few people know that this unique drink is brimming with other impressive benefits. For starters, kombucha has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties2. Both its tea content and microbes help balance blood sugar and promote a healthy metabolism3. Kombucha is even connected to immune health2 and detoxification4 of the liver. It’s the overachiever of beverages, and we’re here for it.

When kombucha is fully fermented, you can expect vitamins, organic acids, antioxidants, naturally occurring enzymes, and beneficial compounds like flavonoids. But let’s rewind back to the “fully fermented” part.

Image by hotgirlhealthclub / Laura Shriner

The fully fermented truth

Before there was a dizzying amount of kombucha brands on the shelves, there was SYNERGY Raw Kombucha. It all started in 1995, when Founder of GT’s Living Foods, GT Dave, crafted a home-brewed kombucha to support his mother’s recovery from breast cancer. Inspired by her experience, GT started bottling and selling this small-batch beverage as the first kombucha on U.S. shelves. SYNERGY was the spark behind our love for kombucha (and still is today).

That’s because even decades later, SYNERGY is crafted using the same authentic fermentation process. Traditionally, kombucha is made by adding lightly sweetened tea to a SCOBY (symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeast). As the SCOBY consumes the sugar in the tea base, the fermentation process unfolds. 

Not only is SYNERGY catalyzed by an heirloom SCOBY, it’s handcrafted in small five-gallon batches. Most importantly, it’s fully fermented for 30 days to maximize the benefits (and taste) of every sip. In other words, it’s the real deal.

Is your kombucha the real deal?

Not all kombuchas are brewed equally. Many on shelves are watered down, minimally fermented (if at all), or made from a vinegar concentrate. Whereas a bottle of SYNERGY Raw Kombucha offers nine billion living probiotics per bottle, other brands simply add a single strain probiotic and call it a day. But real kombucha isn’t something that can be made overnight. Kombucha is grown, and fermentation time is where the magic happens.

Something else to consider: Kombucha is traditionally a raw product. You’ll find that many products are pasteurized to be shelf stable, but pasteurizing reduces or destroys the bacteria count—and thus, many of the benefits. You want your kombucha to be alive, and SYNERGY heeds that standard, being 100% raw, real, and living.

Image by simpleats_ / Anastasia Eurich

Savor the flavor

Kombucha is fundamental to our wellness routines and incorporating it into our daily ritual has never been more delicious. Thanks to SYNERGY Raw Kombucha, we’ve come to love (and crave) that fizzing, sour-sweet tang and its many iterations. Whether you trend toward fruity, spicy, or tropical flavors—there’s no denying the flavor artistry that parallels the benefits of kombucha.

Stand in front of the SYNERGY Raw Kombucha section at the grocery store and you’ll see what we mean. From the crisp citrus of SYNERGY Strawberry Lemonade, to the juicy notes of SYNERGY Peach Paradise, to the smooth coconut of SYNERGY Sacred Life, SYNERGY has a flavor for every personality, mood, and season. Unquestionably, it’s the OG kombucha brand. But their ever-evolving flavors are crafted to satisfy all palates. 

The bottom line

Kombucha is no longer reserved for the home brewers who have their hands on a SCOBY. It’s widely accessible, and considering the slew of health benefits, that’s encouraging. For almost 30 years, GT’s authentic brewing practices and commitment to high-quality ingredients has never wavered. The result is an unmatched raw kombucha, whose potency you can taste and feel. With 9 billion naturally-occurring living probiotics, it's no wonder why SYNERGY remains the go-to for gut health.

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