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October 22, 2015

Love may be the universal language, but Emojese — the emoji language — is a close second. So, when we can't find an emoji for a person, place, thing, feeling or idea, we're kind of lost.

Those of us in the wellness world feel kind of shortchanged in the emoji department. Sure, we've got a decent amount of fruits and vegetables to choose from, but where's the green juice? There are so many forms of physical activity but where are yoga and meditation?

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Well, yesterday, Apple released iOS 9.1, a small update that at long last brings some of the emojis we've wanted for a while — including the taco! So, we've selected the ones we think will excite you guys the most — and here they are:

(Sorry, guys, we're still waiting on the avocado.)

Mala beads for when you're meditating (do not disturb!).

A unicorn for when you're using your imagination.

A thinking face for when you're doing some serious self-reflection.

An awareness ribbon to show your support for a cause.

A lion for when you're feeling fierce (ROAR!).

A skier for when you hit the slopes.

A gold medal for when you accomplish something great.

A joystick for when you want to take control of your happiness (or, you know, play a video game).

A hugging face for when you're in need of or are offering comfort.

A bow and arrow for your inner archer (or Katniss!)

A Shinto shrine to remind you of what's sacred to you.

A Vulcan salute for your inner Trekkie.

A weightlifter for when you're feeling particularly strong.

A nerd face for when you do or say something brilliant.

The eye-in-speech-bubble symbol to show that you're anti-bullying ("If you see something, say something!")

A dribbling person for when you know you're about to slam dunk.

A champagne bottle for when there's something to celebrate.

The face of Mother Nature to remind you of the power of nature.

A no-phones symbol for when it's time to power off and live in the moment.

A map to remind you that the world is always at your fingertips.

A hot pepper for when you're in a spicy mood.

Scales for when you need a little more balance in your life.

A dove for when you want to make peace — with yourself, someone else, or a situation.

A writing hand for when you write or draw — however it is you express yourself.



Which emojis would you like to see next?

All images via Emojipedia

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