Starbucks Wants To Help You Get Your Morning Vitamins This Year

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The newest coffee add-in isn't a trendy new alt-milk; it's good old-fashioned vitamins.

If you ever have trouble remembering to take your capsules each morning but can't ever go without a cup of coffee, this might be really good news. On a post on their site this week, Starbucks teased some of its upcoming 2020 launches, and there's a healthier slant to their new releases.

Along with bottled cold brew concentrate and coffee that offers twice the caffeine (yikes), the coffee giant is launching Starbucks Coffee with Essential Vitamins and Starbucks Coffee with Golden Turmeric. Both will be available in coffee grounds and single-use cups.

Starbucks Ground Coffee Infused with Vitamins

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Starbucks' new Essential Vitamins blend will offer five B vitamins, including B1, B3, B5, B12, and biotin blended into their classic house roast. B1 is possibly better known as thiamine, B5 is another name for pantothenic acid, while B12 is known as just that.

In the general population, B-vitamin deficiencies are extremely common, so it makes sense that Starbucks would home in on the many forms for their Essential Vitamins rollout. For plant-based eaters, the inclusion of B12 is especially relevant, as it can be particularly common in those diets.

The other new release taps into an herb that's no stranger to the world of morning beverages (golden milk, anyone?). Turmeric is a powerful herb with anti-inflammatory benefits and a gorgeous golden hue, which can also help boost your immune system among other benefits. The blend also packs the antioxidant power of cinnamon and all the gut health benefits of ginger, which will also complement the flavor of your morning cup.

While this launch is for Starbucks brew-at-home options, maybe this means the brand will add more super beverages to their cafe menus soon. They already have a turmeric latte in some U.K. stores, and there's evidence of increased plant-based options coming, but we're curious to see what's next.

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