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30 Powerhouse Foods (Under $5!) To Boost Your Health

Naïby Jacques
July 28, 2015
Naïby Jacques
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July 28, 2015

In the health and wellness community, you hear a lot of people touting the crazy benefits of foods from Timbuktu — foods that you never heard of before the 1990s, foods that emerged in mega media campaigns.

Some dude discovers exotic foods deep down in the tropical forest. These foods supposedly have so many amazing qualities that he calls them superfoods.

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But these superfoods are super-expensive and only grow in tropical areas.

If you want the most bang for your buck, you need foods that are easily accessible, affordable, and can be grown in your own backyard. Luckily, there are plenty of inexpensive powerhouse foods that you can find easily.

The Allium family can fight infections and ease digestion:

1. Chives

2. Scallions

The Amaranthaceae family restores iron levels, which combat fatigue and improve energy levels:

3. Beet greens

4. Chard

5. Spinach

The Asteraceae family, aka sunflower family, promotes a healthy liver and digestion and is anti-inflammatory:

6. Chicory

7. Endive

8. Dandelion

9. Iceberg lettuce

10. Leaf lettuce

11. Romaine lettuce

In the Brassicaceae family aka cruciferous vegetables are anti-inflammatory and promote healing:

12. Arugula

13. Broccoli

14. Brussels sprouts

15. Cabbage

16. Cauliflower

17. Chinese cabbage

18. Collard green

19. Kale

20. Kohlrabi

21. Mustard greens

22. Turnip

23. Watercress

The Cucurbitaceae family can improve vision:

24. Pumpkin

The Solanaceae family can strengthen bones, improve vision, and promote glowing skin:

25. Tomato

26. Red bell pepper

The Rosaecae family is anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and regulates blood glucose:

27. Strawberry

The Rutaceae family purifies the kidneys and liver and improves digestion, skin and vision:

28. Lemon

The Umbelliferae family is antibacterial and also improves skin and vision, eases constipation, and boosts immunity:

29. Carrots

30. Parsley

All of these foods are cheap but powerful.

So if you want to stay on a budget, refer to these powerhouse foods regularly and add a variety of them to your meals. You'll gain the superpowers that will turn you into a radiant being.

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Naïby Jacques
Naïby Jacques

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