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Our 4 Favorite Guacamole Recipes To Whip Up Just About Anytime

Best Guacamole Recipes For Guac-Day
Image by Arx0nt / iStock
Last updated on August 9, 2021

If you've been an avid mindbodygreen reader, you know we're pretty big fans of avocados, which are loaded with healthy fats. So naturally, we love whipping this vibrant green fruit into a tasty dish, such as guacamole.

This classic dip pairs well with veggies like peppers or celery, beyond just the go-to chips. And of course, guacamole is a perfect topping for tacos, but it also makes a great addition to grain bowls and salads.

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While we love a straightforward guacamole recipe, we also enjoy mixing it up with some unique, even surprising ingredients. Below, some of our favorite guac recipes—from quick-and-easy to superfood-packed.

A lighter update—with a superfood kick.

If you're a guacamole superfan, you may wonder whether there's a way to enjoy more guacamole in a slightly healthier way—at least, that's what natural food chef Julie Morris was hoping for when she came up with this update. She had the clever idea of using tomato-flavored chia seeds to bulk out the recipe.

A return to the classic that includes a stealthy serving of veggies.

This four-ingredient recipe uses mbg's organic veggies+ greens powder to pack in nutrients from sea veggies, dark leafy greens, and more. That one addition means extra magnesium, calcium, and potassium, plus antioxidant and gut health benefits.*

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A less classic recipe—with even more superfoods.

Want to really mix things up? This guacamole recipe is made with a less conventional base of avocados with edamame. It also has garlic, pumpkin seeds, and kale for added nutrients. Plus, it includes an accompanying recipe for perfect pita chips to dip into it.

A guacamole that will support your gut health.

The slightly longer ingredient list on this recipe is worth it, since some of those additions are fermented ingredients—with all their healthy benefits included. It uses sauerkraut and the brine, both of which are rich in probiotics, and skips some of the avocado in favor of frozen peas for a less caloric base.

If you're hoping to have perfect avocados for your guacamole at any time, we've got good news: You can actually freeze avocados at their perfect ripeness for use later. And if you're buying them in a store, try out this trick for getting more creamy green avocado and less seed space.