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5 Foods You Should Eat For Great Health (And How To Enjoy Them!)

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You've probably read dozens of posts telling you which foods you should be eating, but I'm actually going to tell you some delicious ways you can incorporate them into your cuisine!

Here are five of my favorite healthy foods — AND the ways I like to enjoy them. Read on for great health and great taste:


Turmeric has incredible anti-inflammatory properties. We likely all struggle with some sort of inflammation in our bodies, so the more anti-inflammatory foods we can consume the better. Turmeric also helps improve immunity to colds and viruses, and it acts as a detoxifier that has a great impact on liver health.

How to enjoy it: Turmeric works great in curry recipes and pairs well with citrus flavors. I like to season my soups and sometimes stir fries with turmeric. It also pairs well with eggs, or you can mix it into tomato sauce.


Kale is already a well-known superfood. Kale is packed with vitamin K, a cancer preventative, vitamin A, wonderful for vision, and is loaded with iron, important for blood health. It also has plenty of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It acts as a great detoxifier for the body and supports liver health. Additionally, it's high in calcium, which supports bone health.

How to enjoy it: I love to sauté my kale with lemon juice and olive oil (the lemon helps your body absorb the iron); blend it into juices or smoothies, or bake it drizzled with olive oil at 400 degrees to make kale chips.

Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are a great vegan option for protein, as they contain all the essential amino acids our bodies need. They're also full of antioxidants from vitamin E, and are a great source of essential fatty acids, meaning they can act as an anti-inflammatory. Additionally, hemp seeds are high in fiber and contain calcium and magnesium.

How to enjoy it: I sprinkle hemp seeds on everything. I love them on top of a smoothie, sprinkled them over my salads, and even use them on top of a stir-fry. They're the perfect addition to just about anything.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can help lower blood glucose (sugar) levels in the body, acting as a potential diabetes preventative. It may also lower blood pressure and improve heart health. It is also a potential weight loss aid. Lastly, it can act as an impressive cancer preventative, giving you even more reason to up your intake.

How to enjoy it: I use apple cider vinegar as dressing for salads, or I'll mix a tablespoon into my tea and add some honey to cut the flavor.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has numerous benefits, from improving insulin use in the body, to lowering cholesterol, to helping maintain normal thyroid function. Coconut oil is also beneficial for helping the body absorb vitamins, fight off illness and improve hormone function in our bodies.

How to enjoy it: I love coconut oil with just about everything. I cook my eggs in it every morning, use it to sauté vegetables, and especially enjoy roasted sweet potatoes with coconut oil and cinnamon. 

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