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March 27, 2014

I love a smoothie that's quick, simple, delicious, and nutrient-rich, containing all of the fat, fiber, and protein essential for a complete snack or meal.

This recipe contains goji berries, which are great for you! They're rich in antioxidants, hormone-balancing compounds, and protein. In fact, they contain all 19 amino acids, including the eight essential amino acids. What this means is that they're a complete source of protein, and the perfect addition to your Super Simple Superfood Smoothie.

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The smoothie also contains high fiber berries and coconut milk, a healthy fat. Not all fats are created equal. Unlike animal fats, which contain mostly long-chain fatty acids, coconut is a medium-chain saturated fat. Medium-chain fatty acids are metabolized and converted to energy quickly. They circulate the body less, and thus, are less likely to end up in your fat stores. Coconut is an excellent addition to your anti-inflammatory, health-supportive diet.

This smoothie is perfect for you if you are new to drinking healthy smoothies or are busy and want a smoothie with minimal ingredients, and that's easy to prepare. This smoothie is perfect for you if you want a balanced snack, with the added benefit of anti-inflammatory superfoods. Finally, this smoothie is great for your family. The hormone-balancing compounds in goji berries I mentioned above also help us to produce growth hormones essential for healthy growth in children. So, enjoy this delicious recipe with the whole family!

The Easiest Superfood Smoothie You'll Ever Make

Serves 2


  • 1 can original coconut milk (Native Forest is a great brand)
  • 1 cup fresh strawberries
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 handful goji berries


Wash the strawberries and remove the green stems. Combine all ingredients in a blender. Enjoy!

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Lisa Gatti
Lisa Gatti

Lisa Gatti is a nutrition and digestive wellness expert, and owner of Culinary Therapy, LLC, a global nutrition practice based in NY. Culinary Therapy is all about simple, delicious food for great health. Lisa believes in food as medicine and remedy, helping clients with digestive issues and chronic conditions get to the root cause of their health problems, make simple shifts in their diet, and feel really well again so they can focus on living the life they were meant to live.

To find out more about Lisa's programs, visit There she offers a great free, downloadable E-Guide,“The Top 3 Foods You Should Be Eating, But Probably Aren't."