Yes, Avocado Tea Is A Thing—Here's How To Make It At Home

mbg Contributor By M. Tara Crowl
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M. Tara Crowl is a journalist who writes about food and farming, and author of middle grade novels Eden’s Wish and Eden’s Escape.
Yes, Avocado Tea Is A Thing—Here's How To Make It At Home

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What’s your favorite way to eat an avocado? You probably know lots of ways to use this versatile superfood. Avocado toast and guacamole are classic combinations, and avocado's subtle flavor and creamy texture also make it great for mixing into smoothies or blending into creamy sauces. 

But there’s one use you probably haven’t heard of--and it utilizes a part of the fruit that you probably throw in the trash.

This tip comes from Miguel Gonzalez, also known as Davocado Guy. Gonzalez’s company, G de P, supplies perfectly ripe Mexican-grown avocados to more than 150 restaurants in New York City, and as Davocado Guy, he delivers small orders to homes and offices. Gonzalez’s health enthusiast friend Esteban Antonio told him about an unexpected use for a part of the avocado that’s usually discarded: You can use the pit to make avocado tea. 

To make it, put the pit in water and boil it for 5 minutes, then take it out and cut it (carefully!) into a few pieces. Put the pieces back in the water, boil for another 5-10 minutes, and your tea is ready. Strain out the pieces of the pit and add whatever you’d like to flavor it.

Gonzalez likes to add honey and lime juice to his, but you can try agave, honey, or even add alcohol to make a cocktail. All the avocado’s nutrients—including vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium—are present in the pit, so it’s a smart and delicious way to make the most of your avocado.

Here's to yet another way to use this famous fruit!

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