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4 Guaranteed Benefits Of Going On A Sugar Detox

Summer Rayne Oakes
Written by Summer Rayne Oakes
Summer Rayne Oaks is a green entrepreneur, working across fashion, beauty, food, and wellness. She graduated from Cornell University with degrees in Environmental Science and Entomology.

The start of a New Year is a perfect opportunity to start afresh, which is as good a reason as any to do another round of a Sugar Detox. After completing a surprisingly fun and successful 30-day sugar detox earlier this year, I decided to take inventory of the results.

What benefits can you expect in doing a sugar detox?

1. Weight Loss

Weight loss will likely be the most notable outward sign with a sugar detox. After a month of removing all types of sugars from my diet, I lost 4 pounds (particularly around my waist, butt and hips), which will likely be of interest to those who are looking to regulate weight. Admittedly weight loss was not the goal of my sugar detox and I have to say it was quite a feat particularly because I've more of less stayed the same weight since sophomore year of high school. Nevertheless, it was a welcome outcome to the trial period.

2. Energy Gain

The second "perk" to the sugar detox was the surge in energy. I felt as if I had twice as much energy than usual! This meant that I could work out either twice as hard or twice as long. In addition to that, my agility improved, but was likely the result of wanting to do more yoga, boxing and exercise overall. Healthy is what a healthy does.

3. Complexion Improvement

If you have any sort of skin conditions, you will likely see improvements with your complexion. Now I had great skin to begin with, but when I went home for July 4th weekend, my uncle, unbeknownst to my sugar detoxing ways, commented on how much younger I looked...just from the appearance of my skin and my complexion. That was definitely a wonderful compliment.

4. Settled Stomach.

Gas, bloating and some stomach nausea starts to feel "the norm," even though it isn't. Sometimes if I eat a meal, I feel the slightest gas build-up in my tummy — just enough that it makes for some slight discomfort. I had none of that during my sugar detox, which just goes to show you how some foods we eat give us some inflammatory reactions.

These four reasons are just the physical benefits from doing the sugar detox. Of course, there was the pleasure of getting to cook for friends, inspiring them to take the journey, and even learning some new recipes along the way. All of this is just part of the reason why I want to continue forward with a Sugar Detox: Winter Edition. If you'd like to follow and join in on the Sugar Detox journey, tune in to and hopefully some of it will inspire you to take you on your own #SugarDetoxMe Challenge.

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