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Are You Getting Enough Biotin Daily? Here's How To Know

Biotin (vitamin B7) is essential for overall health, with functions ranging from blood sugar balance to beauty benefits.*

Hannah Frye
5 days ago

3 Ways This Essential Vitamin Supports Women & Men In Everyday Health

While it's notoriously known as a nutrient that women need to get enough of, everyone needs it—yes, you too, men!

Want To Support Your Calcium Levels? Make Sure You're Taking This Vitamin*

Vitamin D is actually a hormone that works to maintain proper levels of calcium circulating in the body.

Is It Better To Take One Multivitamin Or Multiple Individual Vitamins?

In order to create a supplement regimen that holistically minds your gaps, your best bet is to pair a multi with individual supplements.

Surprising Factors That Can Affect Vitamin C Absorption In The Body

When you know more about your supplements, your supplements can actually do much more for you.

Josey Murray
May 18