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10 Small Ways To Improve Your Air Quality At Home (That Seriously Add Up)

Here's why every home should have a humidity monitor.

#toxins at home
Michael Rubino
June 14

6 Simple Product Swaps To Make For The Sake Of Your Hormones

When it comes to endocrine disrupters, simple swaps can go a long way.

#toxins at home #Green Cleaning

This Nontoxic Mattress Has A Firmness Option For Everyone (+ Couples Love It)

Finally, a mattress fit for every sleep position.

#toxins at home #sleep

Why It's Never Too Early To "Train" For Giving Birth + How To Do It

If kids are on the table someday, it's prime time to get into these habits.

#fertility #hormones #toxins at home #sleep #supplements

The Surprising Reason Your Houseplants Can Become A Health Hazard

Sadly, mold loves fiddle-leaf ferns just as much as we do.

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This Simple Shower Upgrade Has Made My Hair So Much Shinier

This skin care hack takes virtually no effort.

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Do This In The Shower For Softer Skin, Healthier Hair, & Less Shedding

Our skin has never felt so smooth.

#Spring Cleaning #toxins at home
Brittany Natale
April 28

These 5 Appliances Are Hotspots For Mold: How To Keep Them Clean

When's the last time you deep-cleaned your blender?

#toxins at home
Michael Rubino
April 16

The Spring Cleaning Checklist A Mold Remediator Wants You To Follow

Yes, cleaning is good for your well-being.

#Spring Cleaning #toxins at home
Michael Rubino
April 2

These Countertop Water Filters Will Make Your Water Taste So Much Better

Better for the environment and for you.

#hydration #Spring Cleaning #toxins at home
Brittany Natale
March 21

5 Cleaning Mistakes That Harm Your Air Quality & What To Do Instead

How many of these are you guilty of?

#toxins at home #Spring Cleaning
Michael Rubino
March 21

This Type Of Cutting Board Can Mess With Your Hormonal Health, Says An MD

Here's what to use instead.

#toxins at home #hormones
Vivian Chen, MD
March 19

19 Healthy Foods That Could Be Making You Bloated & Constipated

Though not a recognized medical diagnosis, oxalate sensitivity is big in the functional medicine space.

#plants #digestion #toxins at home #gut health

Air Fresheners Are Often Toxic — Here's A Safer Way To Make Your Home Smell Cozy

Who doesn't want to walk into their space greeted by a rush of cinnamon apple spice?

#mbgpodcast #mbgpersonalcare #toxins at home #essential oils
Jamie Schneider
January 25

Sinuses Acting Up? An Allergist Says This Product Could Offer Quick Relief

So, that's the difference between a humidifier and a vaporizer.

#toxins at home
Jamey Powell
January 20

How Being A Minimalist Will Improve Your Air Quality (Yes, Really)

Yet another benefit of being intentional with your purchases.

#toxins at home #minimalism
Michael Rubino
January 17

I'm An MD Toxicity Expert & These Are 5 Things You'll Never Find In My Bathroom

Swap one out at a time for a healthier home.

#toxins at home #essential oils
Vivian Chen, MD
January 16

Have Soft + Bendy Nails? Here's Why & How To Strengthen Them

Don't worry—paper thin tips are more common than you might think.

#Nails #healthy aging #toxins at home
Hannah Frye
January 15

I Cook Every Day & This Is One Non-Toxic Kitchen Item I Can't Live Without

Plus, what materials to look for in nontoxic cookware.

#toxins at home
Carleigh Ferrante
January 12